Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Report: Monika Chiang @Monika_Chiang #fashion #MBFW2013

Designer Monica Chiang posed with some of her models…but just for a moment. Most designers are a bit camera shy!

Monika Chiang’s presentation at the box featured edgy fauxhawk hair and makeup with lace tattoos on the model’s faces, but the clothing was inspired by a recurring dream of the designer’s where she is running as fast as she can until she takes off into flight.  She was also inspired by a recent photography exhibit at MOMA of birds in flight.

While the beauty was a bit extreme, and the inspiration might have been flight, and the shapes birds make with their wings while they fly, the clothing was surprisingly user-friendly, The designs were beautifully tailored, with clean lines, nods to military details, and pops of blue and plum in the mostly black ensembles. Fittingly, wool and leather mixed well with lace, tulle, soft silk, and cashmere.  Evening was a more casual representation of glamour, with sexy touches such as beading,  and luxurious and sheer fabrics,  plus  bold statement jewelry, some of which might have been inspired by 50 Shades of Gray.

Chiang’s pieces added to your collection will make even a trusted, but  boring basic, look fresh, and exciting.

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