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No matter what Carmen Marc Valvo does, I will love it.  That’s a strong statement, but after watching this amazingly talented designer’s runway shows for years, and covering some of the backstage as well (where I can see the craftsmanship and details of the work),  I see why Carmen is and will always e a favorite with discerning fashionable women.

Another thing that is kind of lovely about Carmen Marc Valvo is that he isn’t “stuck” in a formula look.  You can see his thoughts evolve as a designer and every year surprises and delights with (always lovely but different), ways to wear special occasion and elegant daywear.

Although Carmen is known for red carpet gowns of great beauty, this season’s show was more edgy, and a departure from the more traditional and flowing gowns of years gone by. But that doesn’t mean they were any less elegant, or (in their own way), ladylike.

In truth, the designs were more befitting a fantasy warrior princess than a fairytale princess. As the show notes clearly states: “A battlefield emerges with a clash of gunmetal and a flurry of steel,” “Warrior women are strong, proud and fearless. Ready for battle. Ready for love.”

Most women looking at these designs will easily grasp the concept, and embrace it.  These days. a little “armor helps with confidence  For those who are used to Carmen’s gowns with more color and lighter fabrics, this season’s metallics and richer, more substantial fabrics make up for it. Frankly, chainmail-esque details seem exciting than beads and chiffon to chic, affluent women who want to wear evening clothes that speak to them, and not just wear a pretty “dress.” In case the Medieval/fantasy element was lost on someone (can’t imagine who, but perhaps there were some), music from the Lord of the Rings closed the show.

I may never get the chance to wear one of Carmen’s long OR short dresses, but one thing this collection has shown me is that there is elegance in power. You can look like a lady, and still present yourself as a fierce warrior.

  enjoy this video of Carmen Marc Valvo’s Fall/Winter 2014 runway show!

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