How To Glamorize a Helmet? That’s Easy! Helmet Band-Its are Here


When I first heard the name “Helmet Band-It” all I could think of is what kind of rogue,  steals helmets?  But Helmet Band-its are not criminals, they’re a fashion innovation!

With the addition of a velcro band, Helmet Band-its allows you to add genuine fur and faux fur bands of various styles and colors around a safety helmet, helping sports safety become fashionable.

Helmet Ban-Its make an ordinary ski helmet, positively glamorous.

I first saw Helmet Band-its at a Media Event hosted by SNOW magazine (in the heat of the Summer),  that day, Winter was definitely on everyone’s mind. There were tables and tables of products, jackets, and skis, but the Helmet Band-Its looked so chic, and I was immediately captivated.   After all, whether it’s for skiing, snow boarding, or even cycling or another type of sport that requires donning a hard helmet, fashion shouldn’t have to be thrown out of the window!  A helmet looks so utilitarian, even in bright colors, but wrap a luxe fur band around the circumference of it, and now all you see is the glamorous fur encircling your oh-so-chic, head!

After sustaining injuries from a serious skiing accident in 2003 (because she was not wearing a helmet), founder Robin Dorman became an advocate for helmet safety.  If you’ve ever thought about leaving your helmet at home, now, you really won’t want to!


Helmet Band-Its instantly change a utilitarian helmet into glam headgear

These one size fits all bands of real or faux fur can be attached to your helmet with additional, included, velcro strips with sticky backs. These also let you switch out one Band-it fur, for another. The products are 100% made in the USA.

I was sent a sample of the faux fur try try.  It’s actually kitten-soft and almost believable as real fur, but it’s a lot less expensive than the real thing. The “fauxbies” are available in Black, White, Leopard, and Lynx. These will also appeal to anyone who doesn’t want to wear genuine fur.

However,  for those who can afford the genuine, premium fur and who want the luxury of real fur, Helmet Band-Its are also available in farm-raised Finnish and Norwegian fox. These are available in black, silver, burgundy, pink, teal, turquoise and natural. A Chinchilla look-alike is made from Rex Rabbit. Even higher-end still is the Premium Plus Fur made from specialty black-tipped premium silver fox (available in turquoise and teal). Let me tell you…they were absolutely gorgeous and covet-able.

How versatile can one item get?  Plenty! Even if you don’t ski and never wear a helmet, you might want to get the Helmet Band-Its to wear as a collar over coat or sweater. The wide, velcro closure lets you make it into a collar or a cowl in a second!   And there is a hidden eyelet loop about 6 inches hidden into the fur, and a small stretch loop at the other end of the Band-It. Attach the hook and loop, and you’ve got an instant headband that fits your head, not just a helmet.

Fur doesn’t love to get wet, but spills to inevitably happen on a ski slope. If your band gets very wet, let it dry completely, then fluff, preferably with a pet wire brush (or even a regular wire brush or comb.) If you have to clean your band, dry cleaning is best.

A matching set of wrist slap cuffs is also available but just $40.00 a pair in the faux fur, and $150.00 for the premium fur styles. The Band-Its themselves, range from a high of $410 for the premium fur Band-Its,  to a low of $60.00 for some of the faux fur items.

It is easy to see why a Helmet Band-It makes a great travel companion, a perfect fashion accessory for ski season and the entire Winter, and of course, a fabulous holiday gift. (The holidays are nearly here)!    Whether you’re seeking a big ticket splurge, or just a little luxury, these offer a lot of fashion that will take you from slope to wherever else you want to go.

Helmet Band-Its are sold at a variety of boutiques in Utah and Vermont (true Ski country) but but you purchase these product online as well, on the Helmet Band-It website

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