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When there’s a chill in the air, and you want to wear something warm, what do you choose?  For those who are casual all the time, a hoodie or crew neck sweater probably is fine. But what if your office feels like it is as cold as a meat locker and you’re dressed up for work, and want to look nice?  What then?

NEVE Designs as come to the rescue with a beautiful sweater jacket that makes you feel chic and pampered,  as well as warm. The Vivienne Cabled Wrap ($289.00) #2040 is a prized find!  This long cardigan jacket in soft, silky, ultra-fine. 100% merino wool, is dressy and sophisticated enough to wear to the office, or even over a little black dress for an evening out.  But it’s no lightweight!  It’s  also perfectly appropriate  for a long walk in the woods  in casual pants and hiking boots!  It’s part jacket, part sweater, and 100% versatile.  If you live in a moderate climate where it only gets chilly at night, it is the perfect alternative to a boring shawl or jacket.  However, if you need to layer in chillier weather, it’s perfect as a jacket over a skirt, pants or a dress.

The sizes run true from XS to XL.  Some people think if a garment is wool , it’s got to be itchy.  But that really isn’t so!  It depends upon the quality of the wool and how it is woven. This jacket is so smooth and silky, and the wool is of such fine quality, that it feels more like silk, than anything else.  Vivienne is so soft, I wear-tested it with just a camisole underneath, and lots of bare skin. Even I expected my sensitive skin to be a bit irritated, but to my surprise and delight, the only feel I had was of comfortable and warm,  without the slightest trace of scratchy or itchy. Unless you have a genuine allergy to wool, this sweater will make you a wool wearing fan, again.

The available colors for Vivienne are basic black (perfect for an evening out) charcoal (goes with just about everything and is a nice alternative to black), and a clear, bright purple fittingly called “Grape” (adds a pop of color and it’s so pretty). Vivienne features a shawl color that cascades down the front in an intricate, herringbone cable stitch design.  The arms, back and sides feature larger and smaller rows/ribs of different, intricate, cable, stitches.  It’s a work of art that looks hand crafted, only each stitch is perfect!

With a price tag close to $300, you might wonder if it’s worth it.  It will be a splurge for some, and a must-have for others. Consider, however, that most good quality sweaters and jackets are expensive, and this one will go with everything you own.  It is going to become the one you always reach for, that  “go-to,” for years to come. Perhaps it will be the sweater you (eventually) hand down to someone precious to you. That, is priceless! 

If  you read my reviews regularly, you already know that I’m a big fan of NEVE Designs.  In the Italian alps, “Neve” means “snow.”  NEVE Designs is located in Boulder Colorado (where my husband’s family lives).   If you’re ever seen a photo of the flat irons and the majestic mountain range there, you know that Boulder is not just prime ski country, it is an outdoorman’s paradise, where residents and visitors enjoy hiking, biking, sledding, horseback riding, walking, camping, and extreme sports of all kinds.  NEVER can dress you stylishly for the chill of the outdoors, and for the ski slopes, but their luxurious and fashionable clothing isn’t just  for sports enthusiasts.  NEVE always offers fashionistas stylish and luxurious designs that chase the chill and still let you “dress to thrill.”

NEVE Designs are available in dozens of states and in Austria, Canada, Australia, and Germany. You can also purchase Neve online at and by catalog.

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