The Julia sweater by NEVE Designs will be the jewel in your Winter warmth wardrobe!

Frosty weather is here and it’s going to stick around for a while.  But for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts, Winter can’t last long enough.  Whether you’re taking to the slopes, or to a City subway, you can do it luxuriously and fashionable in NEVE Designs’ latest and greatest.

This Fall, The Advice Sisters literally gushed over the stunning NEVE Vivienne Cable knit cardigan sweater. However, for a more casual chill chaser that cuts the shiver down to nothing, and still manages to turn heads, I can’t think of anything nicer than one of NEVE Design’s zip front merino wool sweaters, like this gorgeous Julia  Zip Neck sweater STYLE: 2004 $159.00 with it’s bold pattern of dots, strips and pinwheels (call them flowers, if you prefer). Julia is going to bring envious looks no matter where you wear it.

As with the Vivienne cable sweater, this one is dense, 100% Ultra-Fine Merino Wool.  While sweaters of less quality can use wool that might be itchy or cause skin irritation, this one never will. It’s ultra fine, silky, soft, and feels like silk. You really can’t believe it, until you hold the sweater in your hands.  Wearing this sweater you feel like you should have a private jet waiting to whisk you away to the skii slopes in Aspen or maybe a chic hotel in within the Courchevel resort in the French Alps

Julia is great worn alone as a zip neck sweater as-is,but you can layer it.  In moderate climates, you can probably get away with wearing Julia over a tee as “outerwear” but for most of us, this type of zip neck wool sweater is great over another thin layer for extra warmth, or wear it with a more substantial jacket when it’s really freezing. No matter how you wear it, the sweater will keep you warm and stylish.

Julia comes in true sizes XS to XL.  My favorite color combo for  Julia is  “Purple” featuring a background of purple, orange and bright pink, with white pinwheels.  I love this mix of modern, non traditional,  bright colors for Winter.  However, two other color choices are beautiful and also modern:   “Sprout” (black and lime green background with white pinwheels) and “Glacier” (bright blue, black and bright purple background with white pinwheels).

NEVE has a lot more zip neck wool sweaters in pleasing patterns both “alpine” and less traditional to covet, but just imagine Julia looking unusual and elegant with black pants for a dinner date.  You may want Winter to last forever!

You can get NEVE in dozens of states and in Austria, Canada, Australia, and German or online at You can also find NEVE on Facebook and on Twitter at @nevedesigns.

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