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Take me wandering through these streets
Where bright lights and angels meet
Stone to stone they take me on
I’m walking ’til the break of dawn

Hey, I put some new shoes on
And suddenly everything is right
I said, hey, I put some new shoes on
And everybody’s smiling, it’s so inviting

Oh, short on money but long on time
Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine
And I’m running late and I don’t need an excuse
‘Cause I’m wearing my brand new shoes

(“New Shoes”   by Paolo Nutini)


still standing

STILL STANDING FOOT SPRAY can make shoes feel comfortable a lot longer


Summer sure is swell, but in the Summer, all things swell…including your body.  The heat just makes you retain water, and if you’re wearing tight clothing or shoes, you’ll begin to feel it in an hour, two hours, three hours…well…sometime before you get to go home and toss the shoes or rip off the bra….

But there’s another victim of swelling in the heat — your feet!  When they swell,  you can develop blisters and worse, broken blisters or rubbed-off skin that takes days or weeks to heal. While that’s happening, every step you take can hurt.

This just happened to me the other day.  I put my my favorite ballet flats from last season, and decided that the warm weather warranted a no-stocking day.  I was just going to the store a few blocks away, and then coming home. But I hadn’t counted on the fact that my feet were no longer used to being unshielded in socks. By the time I got several blocks from my home, my feet were swelling just a bit, causing the skin on my heels to rub against the back of the ballet flats.  I knew this was going to be a problem, but there was nothing I could do about it — it was too late to turn back.  By the time I got home that day, I had blisters on both heels, and one of them had broken.  It took two weeks and a lot of band-aids and  wearing of backless clogs and mules to be able to wear closed shoes or even slingbacks, without real pain.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post.  I was sent something called  Still Standing Spray which actually can help prevent some of the discomfort caused by standing, walking or just wearing high heels or stilettos. Made mostly for women who won’t walk without stilettos, Still Standing is a patent-pending proprietary formula (non aerosol pump) spray made of cooling menthol and Certified Organic eco-distilled Arnica, Aloe and Ilex. These three herbal remedies are natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. It also has Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil.  The non-greasy spray has a menthol scent (vanishes after a few minutes) and is colorless and won’t stain your stockings/socks/skin.

So what– you say? This product keeps your feet cool and calm so your feet don’t get hot — and therefore they don’t swell and get irritated.   As long as they stay cool and therefore. the same size as when you put them into your nicely-fitting shoes in the fit place, they don’t get squeezed  and swell and irritated and then everything get squeezed and tight and the trouble really begins.  If your feet don’t swell, they won’t rub. All you have to do is spray the top, sides and bottom of your feet prior to putting on your shoes. It is important to let it dry which takes a few minutes.  Then you are ready to stroll.

One caveat:  If your shoes are tight to begin with, Still Standing Spray isn’t going to make Cinderella’s slipper fit you.  Your shoes have to fit properly to begin with for the Still Standing Spray to really help.  If your shoes are a size to small, the spray isn’t going to make those shoes feel like bedroom slipper.  The point is to help the shoes that fit well when you put them on, stay that way for longer by keeping your feet from swelling in shoes that FIT when you put them on.

To use another Cinderella reference, like her coach that turned back into a pumpkin, the spray won’t last forever (anywhere from 2-4 hours depending upon your feet) so your feet will eventually swell if you are on them long enough and it’s hot enough, and especially if the shoes are not made of breathable material, but at least you’ll get “princess points” for a longer while in your can’t-do-without-them glass slippers!

Still Standing is available in these sizes:

  • Still Standing® Total Comfort Set ($27.99): One full size (6 fl. oz.) and one mini (15 mL) 
  • Still Standing® On-the-Go Set ($19.99): Four travel sized minis (15 mL each) 
  • Still Standing® Charmed Comfort Set ($14.99): One mini (15 mL) with a gift high heel charm bracelet

You can find Still Standing at NewBeauty at Fred Segal.  For more information visit www.stillstandingspray.com or call 1-888-602-7200


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