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Not everyone loves the skin they have, but the good news is that you can make your skin look even more beautiful, with items from SKIN.  This is a luxe line of underwear and lounge-wear that make you look good and feel good, no matter what shape you’re skin is in.  So slip on an outer “SKIN” of a beautiful robe or slip, and change the way you feel!

SKIN creates all sorts of luxe pieces that are not quite underwear or lounge-wear, but more like a fusion of the two/  The clothing is soft and sensual. It’s comfortable against your own skin and yet somewhat sexy. Whether you’re working at home, or going out to dinner, you will want to show some SKIN, as it is meant to be seen, and comments will be heard!

I got a chance to experience SKIN up close and personal, with two items:  a short chemise with spaghetti straps, crafted from  double-layered, super-fine, pima cotton jersey ($110.00). I also wear tested a pair of soft-as-a-whisper short shorts/panties, in 100% pima cotton rib knit ($48.00), featuring a comfy drawstring waist for a perfect fit.

The first thing I wondered about was how these beautiful products would fit.  After all, when you look at a spare, skinny slip on a tall, statuesque model (like the one above in the green slip), anything will look good.  I was delighted to find that the SKIN items actually fit well.  The spaghetti strap slip gives you full coverage, so you might even get away without a bra if you’re small on top.  But this SKIN slip is more than just a layering piece or a sexy sleep gown. It can be worn as a top with a skirt or over pants as a sort of long tunic (just add a tough-looking belt). The slip is a perfect travel companion! The slip is available in white, black, shadow (looks like a light grey to me) and violette and in sizes O-4.

Sizing:  Getting the right size is important. The SKIN items in fine cotton and it’s body conscious, with a tendency to hug your curves. If you’re not in greats shape and have a few bulges, they may show.  One way around this is to opt for a larger size than you would normally wear.

0=size 2-4
1= 4-6

A little kinder to the figure are these shorty panties that really also could be worn as outwear over a bikini, but it’s best for sleeping, lounging or as underwear.  The cotton feels like a soft caress.  The drawstring lets you adjust the size so it’s perfect  —  and perfectly comfortable. The bottom has a flirty little ruffle around the legs, but nothing too silly.  If you’re the type of woman who doesn’t like obviously sexy underthings, fear not. You can wear cotton grandma panties but once you get yourself into these from SKIN you’ll want more, for those times when you just want to look and feel great.  Again, these are perfect for travel because they’re thin and soft and comfortable on a long trip, but they also pack flat and dry quickly. You can just wear them so many ways.  These are available in basic white and black, taupe, shadow and violette in sizes O-4.

There’s nothing nicer than facing the day, getting ready for a special evening, or simply relaxing by yourself, wearing something that feels amazing and looks great.  SKIN gives you that feeling that you’re loved and pampered.  Anything from the collection would make a major-impression as a Mothers’ Day gift (or for a bridal shower).   If I was going to categorize the SKIN line, I’d say it has the sensibility of  upscale yoga clothes because it is incredibly comfortable to wear.  But it has an innocently sensual feeling as well, with elegant, fluid, soft-to-the-touch and to the skin fabrics that just make you feel simply special.  Great clothing from SKIN just puts you in a good mood!

Purchase SKIN:  At the time I wrote this review, the new, SKIN e-Commerce site had a few bugs, but you can still see photos of the Lingerie, Undergarments, T-Shirts, Shorts, Pants, Robes, Lounge-wear and Sleepwear. It’s easy to see that most, if not all of the styles multi-task in the most amazing ways.  SKIN is a truly a fresh approach to lounge-wear. These items are little luxuries that are  well worth the cost.

Here’s a link to the collections: . Once you get some SKIN on your body, you’ll be hooked!


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