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If you ask a woman what she’d like most for a gift, the answer is very likely to be: “jewelry.”  Luckily, jewelry comes in all sizes, personalities, and prices.  For Spring, and for Mother’s Day, here are some to consider that are affordable, beautiful, and unique:

Juicy Couture is already loved for fun, girly jewelry, especially large charms.  But just recently, Juicy Couture unveiled a new, affordable,  DIY Charm Collection. Editors at the launch didn’t need Astrologer Susan Miller (the featured guest for the launch event)  to consult the stars, to know that this new collection of  Juicy Charms will be welcome  many fashionista’s futures.  The new DIY charm collection features more dainty charms than the pretty but chunkier Juicy Couture charm cousins.  They may be small but they’re adorable, with charms to suit every interest or occasion, from hearts to initials, crystal studded shapes, and animals.  The charms can be added to a bracelet, a traditional chain pendant, or a cord necklace, to be mixed, matched, and collected. With price ranges of $28.00; $32,00 and $38.00, they’d make a perfect gift for anyone young or old.  This brass heart charm studded with sparkling cubic zirconia is 1/2″ long has would make a perfect gift for mother’s day, graduation, or for your bridal party. The large loop lets you put it on a chain or rope necklace of just about any width.  It’s just $32.00!  Add it to a 17″ thin black leather necklace ($38.00) with heart charm already attached, or a more traditional, silver or gold finished chain. When you are finished wearing your charm you can put it back into the original,hot pink box with white edging. there’s a spring loaded clasp in there to keep it secure.  The “Juicy” quality is there, just in a more petite size, You can visit the Juicy Couture DIY shop on the Juicy Couture Web Site.

For the socially conscious, there’s a unique line of pendants and bracelets from peaceBOMB, whose slogan is: “make peace with your jewelry.” Project peaceBOMB pairs Laotian artisans who melt scrap bomb metal from the Vietnam War into bracelets and other jewelry with the distribution network of Article 22, a sustainable fashion company. They call it Buying Back the Bombs.  Available are trendy wrap bracelets, and striking metal bangles: cool to the touch, made of  brushed silvery metal, some with sayings engraved in them (inside and/or out  e.g  “iheartPEACE”  and some just plain.  It is hard to imagine that something lovely could come out of a horrible, bloody war and something as sinister as a bomb.  But these bangles are available in four different sizes to fit virtually every wrist: SMALL- 2.4” diameter, 7.7” circumference: STANDARD – 2.6” diameter, 8.3” circumference: LARGE – 2.8” diameter, 8.8“ circumference: and XLARGE – 3.0” diameter, 9.4” circumference  1 engraved : 2 plain $40 -$60.  Each bracelet tells stories about their makers, and every purchase supports the development of communities in Laos.  Each peaceBOMB purchase funds artisans, village development, clearance of bombs from farmland, and raises awareness of war legacies and the need to ban cluster bombs which injure and kill civilians long after war’s end. You can find pendants and bracelets at www.shoparticle22.com and learn more about products for peace at: http://www.peace-bomb.com

Lia sophia is a business dedicated to connecting women to their dreams by owning their own, successful business.  Hardly a days goes by when I don’t hear about a note-able celebrity wearing a piece of this good quality, fashion-forward jewelry.  During fashion week,Dani Stahl (who has just designed a new jewelry collection for Lia sophia) and style expert Jeannie Mai (of  television’s How Do I Look?) appeared at a breakfast seminar with Elena of Lia sophia, to talk to editors about what’s hot for Spring (think: lots of bold color,  and statement pieces) and talking about how Lia sophia has a formula to empower women, and their commitment to the worthy orgniazation Dress for Success (if someone gets a job and keeps it for a year Lia sophia will give them a free piece of jewelry as a symbol of their effort). There are Lia sophia jewelry items for virtually every budget, starting at just $22 for hoop earrings, to several hundred for some of the amazing, statement pieces. You can attend a house party, purchase the jewelry from a lia sophia “advisor,” become a representative yourself, or just enjoy the catalogue, online at www.liasophia.com For every two items that you purchase at regular price, you an choose your next item at half price (and it can even be the highest priced item).   My favorite new piece is the Natayla necklace shown above, that lets you look amazing coming and going, since there is a long chain that can be a sexy back statement, but there is also a red carpet-ready “Zingara” collection, and plenty of other goodies to suit every style.

If you believe in the mystical power of stones, you’ll be very attracted to the bracelets created byacclaimed third generation healer-intuitive Aiden Chase, who has created a collection of energy-charged healing Bracelets, Aromatherapy Mists and Bath Salts called Energy Alchemy by Aiden Chase.  Each bracelet, mist and bath salt have been personally infused by Aiden with intentional energy alchemy of light, love and angelic blessings, united with each semi-precious stone’s ancient metaphysical properties. Perhaps one of his pretty bracelets will help make your dreams come true, or help a special friend.  According to Aiden,  Energy Alchemy simply means transforming the energy within you or your surroundings,  presumably to reach a positive goal. Aiden offers eight different bracelets, each strung on elastic cord and nestled into a lovely, embroidered, zippered, silk pouch featuring a little jade piece on a red tassel at the zipper. Each bracelet, regardless of the stone, is  $54.00.  Choose from:  AMETHYST for: Healing – Intuition – Wisdom  ; TIGER EYE for: Money – Courage – Creativity ;  ROSE QUARTZ for: Heart Opening – Attracting Love ;  ONYX for: Protection – Clearing – Repelling Negative Energy ;  CITRINE for: Wealth – Success – Happiness ;  CARNELIAN for: Confidence – Focus – Eloquence ;  EPIDOTE for the intention of: Fertility – Strength – Stamina.

These semi-precious stone bracelets are admittedly, semi-expensive , but if you believe that Aiden can help you feel the power, better, it’s worth the extra for his particular brand of bracelet.  While I didn’t feel any personal power from the pink, rose quartz bracelet I tried (it is supposed to hold the intention of Heart Opening & Attracting Love),  I did find myself favoriting it over and over again, so maybe that’s a sign, right there. Aiden has been featured on shows like Access Hollywood and in People magazine and he is sought after (privately) by many Hollywood celebrities, so if you buy one of these for someone special, be sure to let them know they’re celebrities (to you) as well!    The rose quartz bracelet would be ideal as gifts for your bridal party or mother’s day. 

Add one of Aiden’s ENERGY Alchemy Mists or Bath Salts  at $44.00 available in:  CLEAR and CALM with Amethyst and Clary Sage;  JOY and ECSTASY with Citrine and Gardenia;  PURE LOVE with Rose Quartz and Roses:  and  WEALTH and INTUITION with Pure Gold and Frankincense.. If you believe, it may come. Each has pure essential oils.  If you believe in the efficacy of aromatheraphy, the smells can motivate you while the bracelets are a constant reminder of what you want to accomplish.  To learn more about Aiden Chase visit his web site, where you can also purchase all the items Aiden offers, or you can also get them at amazon.com

During Fall 2012 Fashion Week in NYC, I got a chance to check out some of the latest jewelry from Bamboo Pink. This lovely line of jewelry is affordable and trendy.  For example,this  Madrid Cuff Orange Leather bracelet with gold finish features a signature, Bamboo Pink Love Knot and an elegant, u-shaped clasp that is easy to open and close with a simple “squeeze.”   Inspired by the ancient Celtic and Chinese knot characters symbolizing love, trust and harmony, the Bamboo Pink love knot represents the union of the three unique founders to create one harmonious company – their vision is one of unity, trust and love.  This particular piece is just $49.00 but it’s  24 karat Gold plated!  The bracelet is also available in silver tone , plated with the precious metal, rhodium, a member of the platinum family, to create an expensive looking, shiny silver look.  These bracelets can link together to make a wrap, or even a collar for your neck. Other colors include black, yellow, white and brown. Although there are plenty of other jewelry items to covet, this is going to be the bracelet of the Spring and Summer, adding just enough color and a bit of “toughness” that works with just about everything you own.  You can buy Bamboo Pink jewelry online, or host a trunk show and get freebies and make some money, while having some fun. For more information visit www.bamboopink.com

During Fashion Week at The Daily Lounge, I first spied jewelry from Stella & Dot.  This fashion-forward line of jewelry offers trendy and classic pieces at reasonable prices. Their jewelry and accessories line is available exclusively through in-home Trunk Shows by Independent Stylists and online. You can also purchase items online through the user-friendly web site.   There are so many styles and so many pieces I couldn’t begin to categorize them all, but a stand-out at $59.00 is the Renegade Cluster Bracelet, featuring fashion-forward, gold-plated spikes and black diamond pave beads on a one-size-fits almost everyone, stretchy bracelet.  It’s eye catching and easy to wear even with a cluster of other bracelets or bangles.  There are matching hoop earrings ($29.00); small drop earrings ($24.00), a ring with a cluster of spikes and pave balls ($4.00) and two necklaces, one on a 16” chain ($59.00) and a 35” long chain featuring tiny spikes and pave balls ($69.00). For a delicate look, I choose this “After Midnight” necklace ($89.00) featuring tiny, sparkling, faceted black spinel beads on a slim, gold vermeil chain. It sits nicely in the crook of your neck and looks great layered with other slim pieces.  Perfect for the demure woman who wants a “little something” special.  There are plenty of bold, statement pieces as well.  A quick look at the catalogue and the web site shows that most pieces are under $100, and none seem to be more than $200.  Of course, if you become a Stella & Dot “stylist” or you want to host a jewelry or handbag trunk show in your home or your friends shop the catalogue through you, you can get $250 in free accessories and four, 50% off items. Become a trained Stella & Dot “Stylist” for $199 and get $350 in free jewelry plus more at 50% off, and the opportunity to make money in your own business. It might not be for everyone, but if it appeals to you, it might be a life-changing decision! To learn more visit the Stella & Dot website.

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