the NEVE Courchevel Weekender Bag Stows Your Stuff, With High End Style @NeveDesigns


Watching all the boring, black bags being gate checked on a recent flight (including mine),  I longed for something else.  Why wasn’t I carrying a weekender that was rugged, but also eye catching?  Had I simply resigned myself to toting a bag that I was just like everyone else’s save for the tons of ribbons I plastered all over it?

NEVE Designs makes amazing sweaters and other outerwear, but they have a line of weekender bags that will not just get your stuff safely to your destination in style, you’ll turn heads and engender envy!  For the most stylish (but still practical) Winter weekend getaway bag ever, there’s the Courchevel Weekender Bag Style #E2107 ($129.00) and there’s also a smaller tote bag $89.00). 

The large, Courchevel Weekender Bag  is made of rugged off white canvas, printed with a vintage-y illustration of a female skier dressed in orange, schuusing through the snow and soft blue/grey and black pine trees. You can always feel the wind whipping through her hair, as she descends the  slopes of  elegant, exciting, Courchevel.

The bag has a sturdy zipper with a nice, silver zipper pull featuring the NEVE signature logo. It has rusty-brown “pleather” straps that run all the way around the bag to give it extra durability. Strong metal fasteners hold the slim, padded pleather handles to the straps, and they’re long enough to sling over your arm and shoulder, if you need to.  But

courchevel tote bag

you also get a long, wide shoulder strap with large metal clips to hook it to the bag.  The strap is adjustable.

Many soft sided bags just let your items move around in the bag if it isn’t full enough, but this bag has two buckled side straps that cinch the bag  in tighter if it isn’t full, or unbuckle the straps to give you a bit of extra room when you need it. The bottom of the bag is also covered with pleather, so if it gets dirty, you can just wipe it clean (no fears of putting it on the floor as you would with an unprotected canvas bag). There is also a brown pleather patch with the NEVE logo , a red fabric interior and an interior zippered pocket for passport, and other valuables.

How much can the Neve Weekender hold? Well, I guess it depends upon whether or not you’re packing bulky sweaters for a Winter holiday, or a bunch of bikinis and a wrap, but it holds plenty.  I packed the weekender with enough Winter clothing (including several sweaters) and a heavy jacket for a weekend away, plus pants, boots, beauty items, and more, and there was still room for souvenirs. The great thing is that while the bag is roomy, it’s still carry-on size. So stuff it, and stow it in the overhead bin. Just be sure you tag it and keep your eye on it if you check it, because someone else may just be tempted to claim it as their own!!

Get NEVER Desings  in dozens of states and in Austria, Canada, Australia, and Germany. You can also purchase Neve online and by catalog. Be sure to check out the “eye candy” for men and women…you’ll want more NEVE to put into your Courcheval bag, for sure!


If you are so inclined, you can match with the tote and even a Courchevel zip Neck  ($149.00)  STYLE: 2070 in silk and ultra-soft Merino wool blend, with spandex, (75% Silk, 20% Merino, 5% Spandex). This is a really great layering piece, but it can be worn alone as well, depending upon how cold it is. I reviewed this top back in 2010.  How cute to wear the top, and carry the bag and be totally coordinated!
You can get NEVE in dozens of states and in Austria, Canada, Australia, and German or online at You can also find NEVE on Facebook and on Twitter at @nevedesigns.

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