These Boots are Not Necessarily Made for Riding, but Definitely, for WALKING @HarleyDavidson #harleydavidson

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Truth:  I have always been afraid of riding on a motorcycle.  Maybe it’s the loud noise they make, or the fact that they seem so unprotected without a “shell” of a vehicle to protect me. . Maybe it’s the speed, or the fact that I’ve heard too many songs about bikers losing control and wiping out around a “dead man’s curve.” But I love the look of biker leather, especially jackets and boots.

When it comes to motorcycles, be it the machine itself, or the trappings, Harley Davidson is absolutely the undisputed king of bikes and biker gear.  So I was excited to check out both biker boots and Harley Davidson’s more “fashion” oriented boots at a preview  last Spring. And I’ve been waiting to share the news with you that Harley Davidson’s boots, are not just for bikers!

A real  biker’s boot has to be high performance. It has to be really rugged. It has to stand up to the elements, and whatever else the road (or the bike) my throw at it.  The serious biker line of Harley boots is made to do just that.  They feature a  ComforTemp® lining with “dynamic climate control” that stores the body’s heat and returns it when needed most , while it also wicks away heat and moisture to help feet stay cool.  These boots also feature waterproof Gore-Tex linings to keep feet dry, even when it’s wet on the road.  The boots has shock absorbing footbeds with removable, full-cushion, dual-density polyurethane. The outsoles have Clincher® Compound  to make the boots oil, abrasion and slip resistant.  And finally, Tec-Tuff leather helps protect boots against the type of wear and tear bikers experience.

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At the preview, I checked out plenty of the Harley Biker Boots.  I liked the look but since I’m not doing anything more daring than braving the subway, it seemed liked getting genuine HD boots wouldn’t make much sense.  I was wrong!

Harley Davidson also makes a collection of fashion boots that have many of the same qualities of the tougher, biker boots, simply with a lighter feel that is really comfortable and practical for everyday wear.  Checking the entire display of these boots, I really had a difficult time making a decision about which ones I wanted to wear test. They were all so exciting and attractive!  But I finally settled on a style called: “Obsession.” This  boot has all of the things that make a Harley Davidson biker boot special.  And they are so comfortable, you can wear them all day and not realize you’ve been on your feet.  The full grain black leather is substantial. but it will soften up a bit with wear. It doesn’t have the tread of a real bikers boot (it’s thinner and lighter) so it’s really meant for walking, not riding.  The boots have a roomy toe box and the boot is wide enough at the top to tuck leggings or skinny jeans into them.  You’ll want to show off the wrapped buckle design which is festooned with silver studs and a little silver Harley Davidson emblem. A rubber sole keeps you from slipping. The  mid-calf height makes these boots perfect for pants, and if you wanted to wear them with tights and a skirt or dress, they’d still make a fashion statement. Tip:  These boots are still substantial, and although the do have a cushioned footbed, adding a gel pad or other type of padding will make walking around town all day, a little more comfortable. I don’t think these boots are meant for riding but for walking, they do make me feel just a teeny, tiny bit “badass.”    I’ve personally wear tested these boots a bit now, and have been amused at the envious stares they generate.  They are really a bargain too at $169.99

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Whether you’re looking for serious biker boots, or just a fashionable boot to wear around town, Harley Davidson’s got it.  This photo shows just a few of the styles available for bikers, and fashionistas. I wanted them all!  And Harley even has a line of women’s “Pink Label” boots and clothing  (e.g. the boots above) that “give back” to breast cancer organizations, and that feature the iconic “Harley” medallion in pink. Surprisingly, most of the boots are under $200! Now that’s I have gotten my first “Harleys” I’m definitely going to get more. Add some biker chic to your Fall and Winter wardrobe and it will pay dividends for years to come.  For more information visit:
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