Two Talented Sisters: One Has Jewelry Kickstarter That Needs Your Help NOW!


While in Paris, I met Oliva, a lovely woman who is a talented writer.  While we were enjoying a fantastic brunch, she was telling me about her sister Isabelle, who is a jewelry designer and living in NYC.  I was captivated by her sister’s concept of jewelry inspired by symbolism, nature, geometry and (of all things…) Crop circles.   According to Isballe, her goal is to ” provide the wearer with special energy items, to remind them of the greater picture, reconnect them to the mysteries of life :) and their unique position in this now moment.”

While I don’t normally recommend products or services I haven’t seen in person Olivia told me that Isaballe’s Kickstarter project is going to expire soon, and still needs funding.  So I’m sending this out to you, my readers, and my social media contacts, to see if you can help Isabelle reach her goal, and while you’re at it, score some unusual jewelry to help you start 2014 in high style. You can pledge as little ast $1.00 but as little as $25.00 will net you one of Isabelle’s unusual designs.  A reminder to connect to a greater picture or to tune to a different frequency from our daily routine. All the pieces are made in the USA and the pendants are etched using recycled american stainless steel.

I am definitely going to get one of Isabelle’s pieces…aren’t they amazing?!

You can check out more of Isabelle’s designs here:  and and her Kickstarter page  and


…and while I’m talking about these talented sisters, check out Oliva’s books on :

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