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trolll doll

A  troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. Generally trolls are portrayed as friendly, or at worst, a bit mischievous. They can be dwarfs but they also can be giants. They supposedly live in caves, or in the hills, or for some reason, they like to live under bridges (go figure)!  I am definitely dating myself, but when I was a kid, troll dolls were a huge craze, and little girls liked to collect them. These plastic dolls were one of the biggest fads around in the 1960’s and then again in the 1970’s through the 90’s.

trollbeadsBut recently, I attended an event for  X by Trollbeads which really have nothing to do with mythical beings, but everything to do wit fashion and style.  Trollbeads is a Danish company and they’re the original creators of the “memory bead”  concept (one of their competitors is “Pandora”).  The idea is that you start with a basic bracelet or other piece, and then start to collect and add special, colorful glass beads to personalize it.  You can commemorate events or just pick out pieces to add that please you.  A


Now, Trollbeads has taken the concept one step further, with a more modern and edgy concept.  X by Trollbeads uses metal links of various types and sizes and shapes to create personalized jewelry and accessory items that really let you express your individuality.  The basic links come in gold, silver, and a bronze that looks like rose gold, plus a hard rubberized link in black. there are double links and single links, and locking clasps.  You can link these together in virtually limitless patterns to create everything rom a bracelet to a necklace, ring, ankle bracelet, even a belt (if you are flush with cash–each link is a separate purchase). The links are not inexpensive, starting with a single, simple round link at around $21.00 and running upwards of $796.00 for the same simple round single link in real gold. In-between the links run anywhere from around $30.000 to under $100 depending upon what you purchase. Depending upon the size of your wrist and the size of the links you purchase (some are larger/longer than others).  The look is totally different, modern, and very unique.


trollbeads mine

There is a page that helps you measure your wrist and find your size. The bracelet editors were given is fairly basic. It has 17 links but half of the are the black, rubberized singles. If you purchase some of the more artful links they’ll cost you, but they are longer and wider so you may need less links over-all.  The links are little works of art, showcasing everything from cityscapes to animals, stars, zodiac signs, flowers, bows, hearts and more, and even words (e.g. “Love”) you end up with something pretty spectacular, for far less than many of the same-old, same-old, and very standard, boring costume jewelry items that are going for hundreds of dollars, and have no personal connection to you (or your gift recipient) at all.


Yes, I was truly enchanted.  At the launch, I stood, literally fascinated, looking at rows of potential charms to add to the bracelet that editor’s were offered as samples.  You can see a photo of mine.

trollbeads box I even liked the box!


I admit, that when I was initially invited to the X by Trollbeads event I almost didn’t accept the invitation, because honestly, the personalized glass bead concept isn’t all that new, and I associate it with “mom jewelry.”  But I’m so glad I got to see these in person, because the website, and even these photos, really don’t do them justice.  X by Trollbeads is so different, even men can wear these links (and men, do wear them, rock stars, celebrities, too).  It’s personal, and it’s amazingly cool.  If you’re looking for something a bit different to give someone this holiday season, start them out with some basic links, and maybe one or two special links that mean something to the two of you, then let them “collect” more X by Trollbeads links or continue to give them new ones for special occasions.  The best way to see all the links up close and personal and get a sense of the prices, is to visit the X by Trollbeads web site at:  https://www.xbytrollbeads.com

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