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8 new books 2 Crave for Kindle (or print) 

Reading is one of life’s joys, but these days I have to read in stolen moments. In fact, a lot of books have been sitting on my desk and I just haven’t been able to give them the attention they deserve.  But since many of these books are available for download, I’m taking my books with me on my Kindle wherever I go.  Here are 8 new books for your consideration  (reviewed in random order)  in varying genres that may appeal to you different ways. Tell me what you think of them if you’re already read them, or if you do read them and want to comment later on, just come back to this feature which will be in the Advice Sisters Lifestyles column archives, and add your two cents. I’d love it if you’d speak your mind. 

Please keep in mind that books are products and like every other product I have reviewed for decades, I do my best to present what I think will be of interest.  It’s a big world out there, so what I personally like, or what you might like, might not always be the same. When a book grabs my attention, I share it.  This time, I am also adding links to Kindle downloads, as I know many readers are busy and using E-readers more often. Stack up some books on those E-readers, and those long waits on line at the bank, the doctor’s office, the airport, etc….seem to fly by! 

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book four friends

four friends by Robyn Carr


Robyn Carr

Robyn Carr at Aquavit

I met Best Selling Author Robyn Carr in person at a Luncheon at Aquavit in Manhattan, to celebrate the launch of the book Four Friends (Harlequin Mira , 2014). Although she has written dozens and dozens and dozens of romance novels, she said that Four Friends was a bit of departure for her. Since I sheepishly admit I haven’t read any of her other books, all I can say is that Four Friends is a sweet story about the struggles of four women in mid-life who have to negotiate realistic issues that other women in their age group will relate to. While the book has inter-twining story lines, each of the characters has a fully developed plot line of her own.  Carr does a good job of capturing their personalities and making them interesting and like-able. Learning how to deal with what life hands you and how to find your authentic self is not any easy thing to do, but Carr shows us through this book how four very different women negotiate this important journey.  It’s well done, entertaining, and the ending leaves the reader more than satisfied.  Get cozy with Four Friends for your Kindle.

don['t call me baby

A debut novel,  Don’t Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn Heasley ( HarperTeen (April 22, 2014) deals with an interesting, timely topic/   The young author in this book (Imogne)  has written this book about herself and her life in the spotlight as the topic of her mother’s blog.  Now, after years of being under the proverbial microscope as the star focus of her mother’s blog, at fifteen, she takes matters into her own hands and turns the tables on her blogging mother. There are consequences. But who is the victim if there is one?  Imogene would not be able to be the girl on THAT blog if her mother had not made her famous by blogging about her in countless posts. Despite the lack of privacy and despite the fact that she didn’t have the right of refusal, Imogene got benefits from this.  Readers will see the situation differently depending upon their ages and views. As someone who has been online for more than two decades, this book just re-affirms for me the dangers as well as the benefits of social media. When you put yourself “out there” online, you need to do so responsible, and consider the consequences not just for yourself, but for others. Want to open an interesting discussion with your teenager. Why not share Don’t Call Me Baby for Kindle

the princess of sparta

History with heat…erotica meet heros in  The Princess of Sparta by Aria Cunningham (Mythmakers Publishing/April 2014). The book is the backstory or “herstory” of Helen of Troy and Paris, the love affair the brought about the Trojan War. It’s a complicated story, but in Greek mythology, the Trojan War started after paris of Troy took Helen the wife of the the King of Sparta and fled.  That war was one of the  most important events in Greek mythology, as told through Homer’s Illiad.  But now, in Cunningham’s version, the reader gets a different view of Helen, not as a wiley seductress of Paris, but simply as a Princess who ended up in a bad marriage with a man who was abusive  husband who didn’t want or need her.  When Paris travels to Mycenae as an Ambassador of Troy and meets Helen, love is destiny.  We can’t know what someone was thinking in the past, let along a mythical someone, but the author does a convincing job of making the characters come alive and relevant to today’s reader. The Princess of Sparta is just Volume 1 of the 10 part series, Heroes of the Trojan War. Unlike a lot of the erotic novels I’ve been reviewing, the entire book is not a framework for raw sex, but the few scenes that are woven into the book are certainly hot enough to steam up your glasses. If you like romantic historical fiction, you’ll be looking forward to more love in “War.” Add  The Princess of Sparta: Heroes of the Trojan War  to your Kindle collection. 

book iron tornados

I never though I’d find myself liking a romance novel about bikers, but Stone Cold (An Iron Tornados MC Romance by Olivia Rigal( Kindle Edition 2014)  captured my attention from beginning to end…and now I really want to know what’s next.   Ms. Rigal has a habit of writing books in a serial fashion, so by the time you are hooked, your time is up and you have to wait for the next novel to find out what’s going to happen. In Stone Cold, the reader is introduce to Lisa Mayfield, a personable law student who is pulled out of her job one day by her boss, hurried onto a plane, and sent down to Florida to her family to deal with the sudden death of her brother.  While there, she runs into a former lover and her brother’s best friend who has dropped out of the police academy where her brother was enrolled with him, to become a member of a notorious motorcycle clubcalled the Iron Tornados, a gang that Lisa suspects might have caused her brother’s death.  While Lisa searches for the truth about her brother’s death, she still can’t stop her attraction for “bad boy Brian.”  Could Brian really have become a stone cold biker? I admit, the bad boy with the talented hands seems a bit cheesy, but it drew me in, oh yes it did. Rigal has a way with words and she makes them do great things. This is not erotica, but it’s sexy and romantic. You’ll want to read every page . Oh yes, it’s good. I can’t believe that the Kindle version of Stone Cold (An Iron Tornadoes MC Romance) is just 99 cents!  

book I lovw those earrings

Another “picture book” for collectors of “bright and shiny objects” is I Love Those Earrings by Jane Merrill an Chris Filstrup (Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.2014).  This large, hard-bound coffee-table type book is beautifully photographed and of the type you might find in a museum gift shop.  If you are looking for a little gift for a special woman just as a pick me up, or as a hostess gift for a women who loves jeweelry, history and fine things, it’s a slam-dunk choice.  But the book really is more than just a photo book. There is a lot to learn inside the covers of the book about the history of earring, their artistry, the materials, gems, and fashions that make this particular and coveted adornment so popular from ancient times to the present.  The person stories, the earring trivia, fascinating tidbits of earring lore make the book not just a beautiful keepsake for those who like jewelry, but an interesting commentary about women, jewelry and art.  At over $40.00 it is a bit of an investment, but one that collectors will covet. Get I Love Those Earrings: A Popular History from Ancient to Modern.

book olive oil

Some consider olive oil to be “liquid gold,” a product that has so many benefits for health and beauty, it’s off the charts.  Olive oil is high in a type of fat called monounsaturated fat that if used as part of a healthy diet, is touted as being one of the ways you can  help lower your cholesterol and control insulin levels in the body. There are many other health benefits touted as well, from lowering blood pressure to helping to prevent cancer, but I’m not a doctor and I’m not going to suggest that any amount of olive oil is going to be a miracle cure. What I do know is that it is a good good to add to your diet on a daily basis, and it is delicious.  I have personally substituted olive oil for butter and other fats simply because I like it!  If you already like Olive Oil or you want to start cooking with it, I recommend Cooking Techniques and Recipes with Olive Oil by Mary Platis and Laura Bashar (Two Extra Virgins/April 2014).  This nicely done book has all the information one needs to get up close and personal with olive oil, learn about the different types, the techniques required to use it in cooking, and then there are the recipes covered by cooking technique:  Poaching, BraisingMarinating, Steaming, and Baking.  I particularly liked the chapter on Other Techniques with ideas for preserving with oils, and recipes for confits, mayonnaise and mustards, dressings and more.  The directions are easy to follow, the photos are enticing, and unlike many of the recipe books I’ve been offered for review in the past year, this one doesn’t require a reader to go out and find all sorts of hard-to-find ingredients to make the dish.  Most of the recipes are fast and easy, the type you can whip up even if you have had a busy day, such as the Mussels with Lemon Saffron Broth which can be prepped and on the table in less than 25 minutes beginning to end. Since this is a book with recipes for healthy eating, I would have appreciated an approximate calorie count with the servings, but most of the ingredients are low fat, low calorie to begin with.  If you are hoping to lose weight and get fit, a Mediterranean-style diet is a good start, and this book, is a good way to get your entire family, inspired at home.  To learn more go to www.TwoExtraVirgins.com  or visit Amazon to get Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil too.


shy love

I admit that I was dubious at first that How to Land A Rich Man – A Complete Guide to Getting the Perfect Man (Kindle Edition 2014)  and How to  Catch A Kitten – The Ultimate Pick Up Guide (Kindle Edition  2014) both by Shy Love, would be good.  But I was wrong.  Shy Love, aka, Sheelagh Blumberg, has both beauty and brains, and she knows how to use them.  Sheelah aka. Shy Love (her porn personna and adult film name)  is not shy and she’s definitely not stupid. She’s has assets  (brains and body) but she also can write in a clear, user-friendly voice and I found her encouraging tone refreshing.  She appeals to both men and women and I am recommending two of her books, one for the guys, one for the girls:  

book how to land a rich man

How to Land a Rich Man by Shy Love has a title that pretty much says it all. The author is a a successful business woman and married mother of two who has advanced degrees. Despite the fact that she could make any man’s head swivel just by walking into the room, the “confidence building  basics” in her book are the ones every woman should know. Not all of them will work equally as well for every woman in every situation, but many of them are the same ones your mother suggested and you may have forgotten, discounted, or dropped along your dating path. There is no such thing as the perfect man, but while you may find some of  the author’s tips impractical or not quite your style,  and you might not land a rich man with them, you may at least land the man you’re hoping for.  IAs a dating and relationship expert, I kept mentally “high fiving” her advice throughout the book.  Ladies, the author puts the power back in your hands, where it should be. The book is slim and and easy read. It’s a good primer for the clueless, and a good review for the woman who isn’t getting the results she wants in the dating world. Get How To Land A Rich Man: A Complete Guide To Getting The Perfect Man  for your Kindle, now!


As to How to  Catch A Kitten – The Ultimate Pick Up Guide, it too, is mostly confidence building basics plus a lot of the basics the pick up artists (PUA) books tout. I am not a fan of pick up artist books (if you read my book reviews you know they make me squirm.  I don’t advocate playing games to manipulate anyone (e.e. the classic of using a wing man) but some men just need a push to get into the “game.”  I didn’t even like the title, until I read somewhere that the author’s sister’s adult star name is “Diamond Kitty”  (sue me, I love cats) so I assume that’s the “cute” factor. But once again, Sheelah won me over with basic advice for men that most of these PUA books suggest, from upping your image physically, to building confidence with the right approach. She makes her tips easy for even the most clueless man to understand and helps them understand things such as how to read basic body language, and which girl to approach in a group first to get results (it isn’t the hot girl that you want to target first, but the “gatekeeper/guardian). While most men have a least some grasp of social techniques down, a lot of younger men and socially inept men don’t, and this book might really help them change their social lives.  Most men wouldn’t take dating advice from a woman, but advice from a former porn star turned mogul with beauty and brains? absolutely!  Get  How To Catch A Kitten: The Ultimate Pick Up Guide ! for your Kindle.

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