Advice Sisters Gift: 10 Top Tips To Handle a Holiday, Solo or NOT!

These days, it seems like “the holidays” (meaning Christmas) is starting before Halloween.  Call me a bona-fide Grinch, but I personally dislike the constant bombardment by the media when it comes to holiday time.  And, the two weeks prior to Christmas are so saturated with “buy!  buy! buy!” that it is kind of sickening.  I keep reminding myself that not everyone is “Christian” and that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but that is the one holiday that we are all subjected to the most.

If you are feeling the holiday spirit, I wish you joy.  But for those who find themselves alone today, it can be a lonely time.  The media paints a glamorous picture of happy families and glittering parties, but the reality is really very different.  So for those of you reading my column today who aren’t feeling the holiday spirit, or who are stuck in airports, or alone for whatever reason, here is the link to the Advice Sisters holiday classic:

Advice Sisters Holiday Gift: 10 Top Tips To Handle A Holiday, Solo or Not @advicesisters #holiday




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