Agraria’s Scented Soaps Make Every Day a Luxury. Bonus! a 5-step DIY Spa Session How-To)



Winter is a time to just “stay in” and savor the sounds, smells and sights of being at home. If there’s one time of the year when aromatherapy is most needed, it’s now.  And, with Valentine’s Day nearly here, there is no better time to give (or get for yourself) some beautifully scented bath bars that can make every day just a little bit more special. Scented soaps are also a must-have for an “enhance romance” at-home spa night.  But if you’re single and not ready to mingle on Valentine’s Day, a DIY spa session with gorgeous products, is the way to show yourself that you can pamper yourself — and you deserve it!

Agraria vegetable-based Luxury Bath Bars are delicately scented but long lasting thanks to being triple-milled, and generously scented.   The soap collection fragrances include Agraria”s Mediterranean Jasmine, Lemon Verbena, Golden Pomegranate,  Lime and Orange Blossom, Lavender & Rosemary, Bitter Orange, Balsam,  Cedar Rose,  Each big bar feels pampering, and creates a creamy and silky lather that gently cleanses your skin leaving it feeling silky, refreshed, and slightly  (not over-poweringly), scented.

Presentation is important, and each of these  8.2 oz. bars are hand-wrapped in custom designed paper with gold foil details that reflect the fragrance, within. Each bar is also wrapped with a wide, satin ribbon threaded through a gold foil  Agraria logo seal.  The presentation looks very, very expensive, but it’s just $20.00 a bar.

 This large and beautifully wrapped bar of soap in Cedar Rose, is just one close-up example of  the beauty of these bath bars.  The top nose is a feminine rose, but it is tempered by a more masculine,  woodsy cedar that mingles the notes into something spicy and exotic.
Another exceptional scent  can be found in the lavender and Rosemary soap, with a relaxing, clean, herbal fragrance that smells like you just picked the soap up in a pricey Paris boutique.  You or your special someone will enjoy a lot of days and nights enjoying this pampering scent,
I like to put big bars like this in my lingerie drawer until I’m ready to use them, because the scent lingers lightly on fabric.  But once wet in your shower or tub, the big, ivory toned bar with fancy engraved frame around the edges, will give you plenty of luxurious, silky lather and a wealth of fragrance and they’ll also leave your skin soft and slightly scented.  The soaps include a lot of must-have moisturizers including  Olive Oil, Vitamin E, rich Shea Butter, Yucca Oil, Kukui Oil, and Sea Fennel for exceptional cleaning and toning.
Both the presentation, and the products, are exceptional.  You can find Agraria fragrances & products in boutiques around the world, or you can order up the ones you covet easily on the Agraria Web Site:
Seeing these beautiful scented soaps make me realize that they’re perfect for a pre, during or post, Valentines Day Chill Out. Here are the Advice Sisters’ 5-steps to a Perfect Spa Session!

1. Prepare the scene: One of the keys to a successful spa experience is to set the scene in advance. Prepare the night before, or in the morning before you go out. You’ll have something to look forward to all day, and will be able to go home and relax immediately, without stopping to deal with dinner or get things together when you’re already tired. The basics are:

    • votive or tea light candles
    • clean towels
    • a robe or lounge clothes
    • various skin and hair spa products (see below)
    • loofah or brush
    • hair dryer and styling brushes (if you use them)
    • beverages and a light spa dinner
    • Optional: an inflatable pillow for your head. Otherwise, roll up a towel and place it behind your neck as you soak.

2. Snack before you soak:  Despite the photos seen on honeymoon brochures, eating in the tub is messy and not recommended, but you can’t relax if your stomach is growling.  Have a “little something” before you soak if you haven’t eaten a meal. A good choice for a spa night dinner might be a large, colorful cold salad (E.g. nicoise, a grilled chicken over mesclun greens, or a cold pasta salad with veggies) served with a fresh, crusty bread, accompanied by a fresh fruit salad, melon wedge or fresh berries for dessert. In the winter, a savory soup or stew, served with fresh fruit or sorbet for dessert works well.  To make your spa session more relaxing, you might just bring home something prepared at a gourmet shop.  A glass of wine while soaking in the tub is ok, but  *note: unless you want to pull slivers of glass out of your body, keep the crystal in the cabinet, and opt for plastic. Frankly, flavored club soda or mineral water is a better and still elegant alternative.

3. Time to Spa..aaah!   Turn on your favorite (relaxing) music, turn down the lights, and light up some candles or use the safer, battery-operating flickering type around your tub.  If you use real candles,  never put them on the edge of your tub or anyplace else where they can be easily knocked over. Pour a chilled glass of the beverage of your choice, and enjoy it while the warm (not hot) water fills your tub. Bring a champagne bucket with ice to keep your wine or water cold (staying hydrated while you’re in a hot tub, is healthy). Turn your phone down, or better yet, OFF.

While you’re soaking, relax your mind. Think positive thoughts. Consider at least three things you’re really grateful for (the more the better, however).  It never hurts to think about things you want, such as the dream house you’ll own someday, or the romantic vacation you’d love to take, or about what kinds of romantic things you and your partner will be doing later tonight!  If you’re soaking with your special someone, this isn’t the time to discuss your problems, pick a fight, negotiate the seating chart for your wedding, or plan your next presentation at work.

4. Good CLEAN fun!   Scented bath and body products give you the aromatherapy boost that makes a spa session, simply sensational.  The Advice Sisters have tons of great suggestions for body cleansers, scrubs, shampoos and moisturizers in our Beauty Channel and in our Advice Sisters What Works Beauty, Cosmetics & Fashion Review Archives.  When your skin is already soft from soaking is a great time to gentle exfoliate, and slathering on a moisturizer while your skin is still damp will help it soak in much more effectively.

5.  Finally, feeling good:   If you’re not quite ready to let your at-home spa experience come to and end, you can add more products and more features (E.g. a home facial and a manicure and pedicure). Your weekday spa night will still feel wonderful if you just stick to the basics, but a nice touch is to lightly spray your pillow with a calming aromatherapy spray before you drift off into dreamland.

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