STRIV, a new for gifting that makes you and the Earth, healthier

Striiv is a sleek fitness device that fits on your keychain and counts every step you take. Striiv motivates you to transform your life with games, donations, and personal challenges that are powered by your activity. It counts steps and shows you your daily, weekly, and overall progress, but it is much, much more than an ordinary pedo,meter As you move your body, Striiv helps you earn rewards and bonuses merely for for walking to lunch, climbing the stairs, or taking your dog for a run. With Striiv, fitness finally fits around your schedule.

…and it does even more than that.  Striiv is set up to be your own, personal walkathon because with Striiv, every step you take counts towards a donation to charity– at no cost to you. When you walk, Striiv and other sponsors make donations on your behalf. The more you walk, the more you give.  Charities include contributions to organizations that help with clean air and water and more.  You sync your earnings to the charity of your choice through your computer,

…and there’s even more.  There is a totally addictive “sim” game that  is powered by your movement. Create your own enchanted island filled with exotic wildlife and plants.  Although I thought a game was a bit silly at first, I found myself up and off the couch, hoping to get enough “energy” points to grow trees and plants and attract animals to my own island of “Eden.”  I found that Striiv really did change my behavior. Although I normally would choose to walk cross-town on a nice day, I began walking longer and more often because I wanted to beat my previous personals bests, fuel energy for my little sim island, and donate more to clean water, my charity. The real appeal may be to get more fitness into your life, even if you can’t get to the gym, but it also makes you aware of how sedentary you might be and encourage you to move.  Considering the growing amount of obesity among all age groups and especially, the young, Striiv might be a true life-saver.

Setup is super easy.  Even a small child can do it.  And I am certain that people of all ages and abilities will find a reason to get moving and hopefully add something to the well-being of the real world as well as for their real selves.  Striiv is a win-win for you and for the world!  It looks so cool too!  People keep asking me what it is.

If there’s a downside, it is simply that like all electronic devices, things can go wrong with them.  The first Striiv I received had some technical difficulties and stopped working. It was quickly replaced, however and it is now my constant companion.

 Striiv would make an amazing gift.  It is the kind of thing that might help someone you care about, for a lifetime.  It is also a perfect way to start the new year with a healthier mindset.  The Striiv Device Basic Bundle is $99.00  (plus shipping) and can be purchased on the Striiv website and through TV shopping network HSN. In the package you will get the Striiv device, a wall charger, USB cable and a quick release key ring.

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