Blinging Up the Holidays with Easy Solutions from Rusk, Kiss Nail Dress, My Mela, Ms. V Designs & Eye Majic

Uh Oh!  You just got invited to the hot party of the season.  You’ve got a little black dress and some killer shoes in your closet, but what can you do, fast, to bling up your holiday party looks?  Here are three unique and affordable products that will not only make you look great, they are fast and easy!  


Who doesn’t love a lot of shine on their hair?  But you can add something more that will turn heads, literally  Rusk Being Sexy™ Silver Glitter Hairspray ($9.00 1.5 oz.)  adds a subtle silver glimmer to your hair, and it’s an easy, fun way to add additional sparkle without a lot of effort or expense. Once you’ve styled your hair the way you want it, simply spritz this hair spray onto your style from 10-12 inches away from your hair. It’s that easy.  Updo? perfect addition along with glittering hair jewelry!  Long and loose?  Sexy bling!  Short hair also gets “glitzed” with Being Sexy.

This is one of those products you didn’t even know you needed, until you try it…then you’re hooked!  You don’t need much to add the type of glittery finish that catches the light when you dance, or move in for that kiss under the mistletoe!  And since this is a hair spray, and a good one from Rusk’s line of high quality, high performance products, it’ll hold your style, too.

In case you’re wondering, there are good for your hair benefits, too. Glycerin moisturizes and adds shine while it conditions and protects hair from heat damage. This product is from Rusk’s “being sexy” line that is meant to be re-stylable and provide sexy, tousled and touch-able hair.

If there’s a downer it’s only that the Rusk Being Sexy Silver Glitter Hairspray is a limited edition for the holidays, so if you love it as a special occasion pick-me-up, get several cans and stockpile. They’ll be gone when the holidays are over.  Get it at Ulta stores, nationwide, and visit for more retailers.



 No time to do your nails?  No excuse anymore, since you can get nearly instant, and perfect, mani-pedi results with six new Kiss Nail Dress Limited Edition Holiday 2012 designs ($6.99 per pack). 

You simply pull a nail design off it’s backing (there are 28 sizes in each package), place it on your nail, file off the edges, and you’re done!!! No glue or mess to put these on, and you don’t need nail polish remover to take them off (just find an edge and gently peel the design away from your nail).  I thought these might look fake, but they really look like you went to a salon and spent plenty of time and money to get some bling on your hands.  They’re ah-mazing! The designs are dramatic,  from a glittery pink peacock feather on a white background, to a full-on party design of colorful gems and bubbles on a white or black background, to black and gold flowers, and more. For under $7.00 you can stuff the stockings of every girl and woman on your gift list. But you’ll want a few for yourself, too.  Availability: Rite Aid stores and other mass market retailers nationwide from October through December.  For more information visit


The holidays are the time for glamorous smoky eyes,, but not everyone (including Advice Sister Alison) has really mastered this technique.  Done right, the look is sultry and sexy, but smudge a bit too little or too much, and you look like you have gotten into a bar brawl.  Even if you do know how to create perfect eye looks in your sleep, you might be longing for something a little newer and even more exceptional  How about a leopard print eye? And how about making it in half a dozen base colors?  It’s possible, but only if you are a very talented and patient makeup artist.

But now anyone can make a perfect smoky eye, or even apply leopard spots, or one of more than 24 pearly combo and 20 combos of matte shadow, through the ease of Eye Majic.  These are strips of actual eye shadow, affixed to foam forms in the shape of your right and left eye lids. For the smoky eye, simply place the foam against your eye for a few seconds, then gently pull the foam away from your eye. If you do it right, you’ll get a perfect application of eye shadow.  For the leopard spots and other designs, simply place the foam form with the design you want against your eye lid and press, then gently lift it off, to reveal strips, spots, whatever you have chosen. It sounds amazing, and it is, although you may need a little practice to get it right right.  I admit that I didn’t get the spots to work well on the first try, although the color-trio stripes, worked well.  The stripes create an amazing, contoured eye, in literally, seconds.  You couldn’t get one this pretty or precise with a powder brush unless you were extremely skilled. Your friends will think you had a personal makeup artist do your eyes!  And, speaking of skills, you do get more than one set in the box, so you can experiment, although that could be a bit pricey at: 2 Pair Box – $3.49 + S&H; 5 Pair Box – $8.49 + S&H and the 10 Pair Box – $15.95 + S&H. However, as a party accessory or for stocking stuffers, these are a great idea!  Save an purchase the 10-pair box so you have enough to go around. Visit to order.


 At an editor’s showcase event, I discovered a lovely ethnic brand

called My Mela.  the Mela (may-lah) is a Hindi word for country fair or festival. is an e-commerce site (a global marketplace if you will) for lovely accessories and home goods form India.  These artisans are supported with an innovative Integrated Micro Advance Funding Program. In other words, you can support them with your purchase, but you can also choose to encourage their continued success  by offering them interest-free loans. Your loans will be used to buy materials, make capital improvements or train other workers and will be repaid with interest in credits on the MyMela marketplace.  You can Learn more about this unique venture. However, you can also just enjoy purchasing products, such as this trio of golden, engraved, brass  Triology Bangle Set for just $9.00 (Size: 2.5″diameter) Impress someone special with this set of 4 “Wrists of Envy” inlaid bangles for just $14.00.  They are shiny brass with blue and green inlay, approx. Size: 2.5″diameter • Set of 4 • Certified nickel-free, hypoallergenic. Get a few different sets ( has plenty of jewelry and tons of other home decor and jewelry items, at fabulously affordable prices.I liked some lovely carved soapstone tea lights for just $24.00 that would be romantic for holiday, too

At Accessories, The Show at the Javits Center, I met Sheila Masterson from Ms V Designs in San Antonio Texas. She is an entrepreneur with a great story of determination, and I loved her, instantly!  Of course, since she is a jewelry designer, I immediately looked to her neck and ears to see what she was wearing.  I loved her multi-strand chocker and commented on it. She told me that she is known for her unique, “Hookster”  jewelry that can be worn different ways. For example, this Roma Gold necklace and earrings set (Srp. $84.50)  featuring three strands of beads, crystals and chains, in gold and silver that can be worn as one, two, or all three, thanks to lobster claw clasps. But it can also be unhooked to be worn as a gorgeous, trendy, chain belt, or even as bracelets!  The matching earrings are a treat in themselves but together with this versatile necklace, it’s a value, too!  Although there are plenty of other “Hookster” styles, all with place names and many with colored stones and charms, gold and silver go with everything, so The Advice Sisters Picked this one.  This would be the perfect way to bring a jewelry wardrobe with you when you travel, without adding bulk and weight to your suitcase! You can find Sheila’s designs along with other designer’s pieces, at Everything

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