Create Your Own, Couture Camera Style: Camera Straps from Capturing Couture

On the photo riser at Fashion Week, you see plenty of cameras, of course, and plenty of camera straps. While most are emblazoned with the brand (e.g. Nikon or Canon), Capturing Couture makes camera straps that literally, turn heads! Erika and Lisa were two moms who wanted to make cameras (or make that, the camera straps), fashionable. They founded Capturing Couture to create camera straps that are cute, chic, practical, and beautiful to look at. Whether you’re seeking a wrist strap for a snap-and-shoot mini, or a full sized strap for a DSLR, there is going to be a design that “speaks” to you.

Many decades ago, when I first started getting interested in photography,  I bought my first camera. It was a Mamiya Sekor 500 DTL single lens reflex (film, of course).  And, since it was the 1970’s, that funky, colorful era, I purchased a camera strap that was made out of embroidered ribbon.  I loved the look!

But times change, and I’ve had many cameras since then. Still, I longed for a less utilitarian camera strap like the one I had on my Mamiya Sekor. At a holiday gift show at the Marriott in Manhattan, the first table I spied was that of Capturing Couture. They were displaying all sorts of colorful camera straps, including one made completely out of fabric “roses.”  But there in the display, were “Boho” camera straps that were very similar to mine of years’ past!

There are many different collections from those that are reminiscent of colorful, striped, Navajo blankets, to all manner of ribbon design, and even animal prints and straps that appeal to guys.  However, I received the Boho strap called: “Harmony.”   The richly embroidered ribbon  really is very similar to the one I had back in the “70’s, but with modern bells and whistles.  However, the brightly colored embroidery still adds that personal, exotic touch to the same old, same old, black digital camera body. Capturing Couture’s modern version has a velvety backing that is slightly padded,  so it doesn’t cut into your shoulder or neck as the old fashioned ones did. and the basic nylon ones do.  Every camera has loops for attaching a camera strap, but some fit better than others. The Capturing Couture straps feature two tough nylon strips with plastic toggles that hold the strap securely to your camera body.  Another plus is that the Capturing Couture strap has metal fittings that secure the ribbon strap and to the camera.  This classy camera strap not only fits well, it looks good and feels good, too!

I didn’t receive my sample DSLR strap in time for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but it did arrive in time to literally, “capture couture” for the last couple of shows of Couture Fashion Week at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan.  The strap, was a bit hit!  Most photographers are pretty much in the background except when someone is posing and looking right at them, but the new strap gained a lot of envious looks!

Most of the camera straps are available in different widths and lengths with prices ranging from $35.00-$49.99 (the wristlets –organza roses shown here range from $19.00-$25.00).  The Harmony strap I tried is a  2” wide SLR/DSLR Camera Strap of standard Length (30” fixed +26 Adjustable webbing) for $45.00. For most people, this is going to be very generously sized, but there is also an Extended Length 37” fixed +26 Adjustable webbing strap for those who need the extra inches.  Capturing Couture also makes limited edition items, camera bags and guitar straps.

If you’re going to buy someone a camera for the holidays, why not include a Capturing Couture strap or wristlet to make the camera, distinctive?! Or, just buy the strap. It makes a great gift on its own.  If you are the one who is always behind the camera, treat yourself to the strap that speaks to you the most, and make your own experience, a little more glamorous. Also, like finding a car in the parking lot when they all look the same, your camera will be the one that stands out!


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