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Presentations at Lincoln Center in The Box at Fashion Week might be even more challenging than a runway show at least in one respect because the clothing isn’t in motion, and every little flaw can be easily seen. Hernan Lander’s presentation during Fashion Week for Fall 2013 at the Box, was nearly, flawless.  The designs were almost primitive and yet quite beautiful and wear-able. Lots of back details and subtle embellishment will appeal to the confident woman who doesn’t need fur and feathers all over her body to make a statement. The collection was inspired by the idea of a universal brotherhood of man, with eyes open to one’s surroundings . The earthy tones and mixed media pieces were almost “feral” in nature.

Lander’s  force of mother nature theme was brought to reality with a very earthy palette including a lot of camel, brown,  grey, and black,  in mixed media casual and evening fashions including natural fabrics like wool, leather and silk, with touches of beading and metallics. The makeup done by Tina Turnbow with NYX Cosmetics, the unique hair look, and glittery black nails added to the allure (see our detailed, backstage beauty report).

This leather dress, for example, would certainly turn heads. Get yourself to the gym now if you want to wear the season’s body conscious, tailored clothing, by Fall 2103.





I really loved the hair and makeup.  (click her for the  detailed, backstage beauty report).

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