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Personal, Private Advice is The Most Precious Gift You Can Give Yourself, Or Someone Else


Do you have a challenging situation that you just can’t seem to solve? Is someone or something blocking your happiness or success?  

Let me help! I’m a relationship expert who has spent several decades helping people get “unstuck,” when they’re dealing with issues of life, love or career. I have helped thousands of people through my Internet advice on various web sites, including the Advice Sisters Web Site, and LeatherandLaceAdvice.comLife is too precious to spend it “stuck,” and worrying!  Online advice gives you an effective, immediate, easy way to get a new perspective and move forward. 

You can always send a relationship question (free of charge) to my intimacy and relationship advice website but I can’t guarantee an immediate answer.  And, while your privacy is always top priority on and  (read the advice sisters privacy policy), many people just prefer to have their questions answered completely privately and quickly *modest fee involved. 


People say they prefer this type of online advice when they are:  

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 undergoing a major change in lifestyle or image 

 bullit purpleseeking a new relationship 

bullit purple job hunting or starting a new career 

bullit purple resolving not to repeat mistakes of the past,

bullit purple looking for an impartial coach to help with tough decisions 

bullit purple working on your own or “couples”  issues 

bullit purple going through a breakup or divorce 

bullit purple wondering what direction to go in 

bullit purple just feeling a bit “bummed out.”


 Everyone can benefit from online advice, but those who seem to benefit to most are those who have these traits:  

starThey are comfortable working on computer and normally spend time communicating online.  

starThey express themselves well in writing and/or verbally

star They don’t want to wait for appointments and want answers, quickly

star They don’t have access to in-person advisors,  or advisors that they like

starThey may be shy about having to talk about intimate issues, in person  

starThey may be on a budget and are seeking affordable but still good quality advice  


Online Advice Has Some Specific Benefits You Should Consider:  

bullit purple Convenience:  you don’t have to leave your home or office, you can get advice when and how you want it without wasting time  

bullit purple Affordability:  Online advice is considerably less expensive than in-person counseling so you may feel more likely to reach out and try it  

bullit purple Easy Access:  Whenever you feel like it you can get connected and the response time is usually less than 24 hours. In-person consultations can take days or weeks, depending upon your insurance provider and the availability of your chosen counselor  

bullit purple Empowering Control & Safety:   The Internet is a great way to connect with other people, but asking for help in chat rooms or social media, posting on bulletin boards or sending questions to unknown “advisors” is not a smart way to handle intimate questions or problems. An online advisor with a good reputation is a way to safeguard your privacy and get the advice you want. 



Step 1:   Send Your Question To Me By Email:  Send the specifics about your question/situation/dilemma in the “Comments Section” of  The Advice Sisters contact form. You can ask anything you wish and everything you say will be held in the strictest confidence (remember: this is private as it is with any counselor. What you say is just between the two of us).  Don’t worry about writing too much.  Email advice works best when you include as much information and detail as possible. Those “little things,” along with the bigger issues, may be significant in solving your problem. Please be sure to include the email address where you want your personal, private response to be sent.   

Step 2:  Send Payment:   The initial cost for a question is just $30.00 and I prefer payment by PAYPAL. Please Contact me to begin the process and let me know the preferred email address you’d like your correspondence sent to. If you cannot use paypal, this is the time to tell me what you’d prefer.  Then I will reply with information and instructions to proceed.  After I have received both your question and your payment, I will carefully consider, create, and email your personal, private response (usually within  24 hours) and send my response to the address you specified.

Step 3:  Choose The Optional Follow-Up.   If you wish you can also get an optional follow-up to your original question. You may request a follow up for just $15.00  To take advantage of this offer, just repeat Steps 1 and 2, above *within two weeks of receipt of the initial response to your original question. 


 $30.00- Advice by Email   – Original Question


$15.00 *optional follow-up to original question.

  I now offer chat services through Facebook. For more information Contact Me by Email & “LIKE” me on Facebook






gift boxThe Most Precious Gift:  A Gift of Online Advice::    Do you know someone who struggles with the same issues or problems and you’ve heard them over and over and over again, but they just can’t seem to solve them? Is there someone you care about that seems “blocked” and can’t find the happiness they deserve? One of the most unique, longest-lasting, and impressive gifts you can give is the gift of advice.   It lasts a lifetime and it’s one gift that will not be re-gifted or returned.  You can send a gift of advice “last-minute” anywhere in the world. For more information,contact me.


Personal, Private Advice by Email – Frequently Asked Questions:      

 Q:  What is online advice?   Online advice is an exciting, unique way to help people resolve life, career &  relationship issues through the ease of the Internet.  It is similar to in-person counseling and coaching, but it’s easier, more immediate,  and definitely more economical.  Email is just another way to get advice, but when it is by email you get the additional benefits of being able to consider what has been suggested at your leisure, instead of being overwhelmed at the moment, having to listen and absorb it immediately. If you prefer not to have anything in “print” I offer chat services. 

Q:  Can I be sure what I say will stay private?  When you select a reputable online advisor it is like chosing any other professional, you can expect your interaction to be completely confidential.  

Q: This sounds weird, do people really get help this way?  Yes, of course they do and one good reason is that the focus is always on you but the advisor can’t see you so there’s no feeling of confrontation.  You can say whatever you want and there’s no reason to feel shy or awkward.  Like any other type of counseling, online advice is what you make it. If you seriously consider what is being said and act on it, you will see things differently and this can help you find new solutions to your issues.  If you are not receptive to the suggestions, or you’re not willing to make positive change, no advice can  be effective.  *online advice is useful to help you get unstuck from an issue or problem, but it is not a substitute for in-person advice from a mental health professional for a very serious or potentially life-threatening problem. If that describes you at this moment, please take immediate action! Call a local hot line or visit a local crisis center in your area. To find help, do an online search. 

Q:  Alison, why should I choose you?  As with any service. the quality and personality must match your requirements. Although I have been providing advice to men and women around the world for nearly 3 decades, you alone decide if I’m the right one to advise you. Check the advice I have given in the past on my web sites, Advicesisters,com,  and check my credentials, read the unsolicited testimonials from other people  and if what I offer seems useful to you, it would be my pleasure to help you reach your goals. 


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