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Now that the holidays are here,  you’ll likely be spending more time indoors, and probably, you’ll be entertaining.  Maybe you’ve just invited some people over to watch a big game, or you’re planning an intimate dinner party, or a full, holiday dinner.  For dinner, parties, cocktails, or just an informal get together, one thing you’re going to be doing is more cleaning!  

Whether you’re washing your hands, the dishes, or the laundry, one way to make these routine chores a bit more glamorous, is with high quality cleaning products, beautifully scented. Mrs. Meyers and Caldrea both offer these, in gift sets, and in individual products you’ll want in your home. They may be a bit more than the basic cleansers you get in the bargain store, but the quality, performance, fragrance and presentation, make this just a small splurge that helps to make every day more pleasant. 

Caldrea products make cleaning home and body, a luxurious experience. They’re also known for wonderful gift sets that are just the thing for hostess gifts and for your own home.  But they’re still really affordable.  For example, $9.00 nets you a scented Counter Top spray or a Dish soap, $10.50 adds the Hand Soap or a Hand Lotion, in pretty plastic pump bottles festooned with Caldrea’s fancy labels.

Caldrea White Ceramic Gift Set

When it comes to gift-ables, Caldrea’s got some nice holiday-centric fragrances: Vanilla Quince Santal, Crimson Pear Ginger, and Balsam Fir Plum.  white Ceramic Sink Set with hand soap and hand lotion for $32.00, a Black Sink Set with hand lotion and hand soap in a black metal cage, for $25.00, and a Candle Trio for $28.00 which the advice sisters just reviewed in a holiday candle feature. Go to the Caldrea web  site and you will see all the items and all of the nine fragrances that are available (three specifically for holiday).

I tried the Caldrea Vanilla Quince Santal Hand Soap. In Winter, hands need extra TLC due to an environment that can really dry them out, but also, you’re going to be washing your hands more often (to ward off germs that might make you sick).   The hand soap comes in a clear, plastic bottle, and the cleanser has key ingredients of Aloe Vera Gel and soothing Olive Oil to keep your hands from getting dry, cracked and/or itchy.  The Vanilla Quince Santal scent features essential oils of Vanilla, Orange, and Cardamon. Top notes are cinnamon, ginger, green with a heart of freesia, jasmine, rose, ylang and quince, and a bottom of peach, sandalwood and vanilla. This sounds like it should be either very vanilla-y or spicy, but it’s a soft scent that takes the best of the notes, and makes it a light spice that is festive for the holidays. 

Another holiday-centric fragrance collection from Caldrea is the Crimson Pear Ginger scent.   Actual top notes are Citrus Peel, Lemon, Bergamot, Nutmeg and Cinnamon, with heart notes of muguet, basil, ginger, clove and pomander, and bottom notes of sandalwood, amber and musk.  This one sounds like it should be fruity and spicy, but it really doesn’t smell like either of those things so much as just fresh and clean scent.

I tried the Crimson Pear Ginger Hand Lotion featuring , emollient shea butter, soothing olive oil, and aloe vera gel.  It really absorbs quickly to keep your hands from getting dried out, but while it softens, it scents, with a light fragrance tailored to keep spirits “merry and bright” all season long. TIP: If you like these limited edition scents, you’ll want the scented candles, too!

I didn’t try anything in the Balsam Fir Plum scent, but it has key notes of Cypress,  Cassis and kumquat, with a heart of fig, olive leaf and violet,and a base of cedar, amber and pine needles, plus essential oils of cypress and Bergamot.  I’m guessing it’s also fresh with a hint of pine plus fruit and flowers. If you have tried it, please leave a COMMENT and share how it smells, to you.


For nicely scented products that are even more budget-friendly, you can’t go wrong with anything from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.   The  gift sets come in ready to wrap boxes and the individual products in their limited edition holiday scents are just $3.99 each.  Add the holiday-centric products to your home with a:   16  fl. oz. Liquid Dish Soap,16 fl. oz.; CounterTop Spray; and a 12.5 fl. oz. Liquid Hand Soap. A Scented Soy Candle in a jelly jar is just $6.99

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Limited edition Iowa Pine scent collection smells like a freshly cut Christmas tree. A clear, bright, authentic pine scent that has a touch of cedar and clove for just the right blend of spicy and pine-y.   This limited edition scent smells authentic, and uplifting.  Get the Iowa Pine hand soap, counter top Cleanser, or Dish Soap, and smell Christmas all season long.

The Iowa Pine beautifully packaged Gift Set Trio is just $11.99 (how can you beat that?!) and 20% of Holiday Sets proceeds will go to the Arbor Day Foundation. For each $1 donated, a new tree is planted!  The set includes: Countertop Spray, 16 oz.; Liquid Dish Soap, 16 oz. and Liquid Hand Soap, 12.5 oz.  This trio of gift-able treats, and the individual cleansing products, are also available in a limited edition Orange Clove fragrance *see below.

The Orange Clove scent is subtle, not too spicy and not too citrus-y. The orange and clove scent reminds me of the holiday ornaments we used to make as kids, when we shoved spicy spikes of dried cloves into big, ripe oranges. The fragrance will take you back.  Try it in the counter-top spray and make a routine chore into something special. At under $12.00 for the gift trio, you will want to get a set for yourself.  TIP:  if you like these fragrances you can also get limited edition soy candles in tins, with 12 hour burn time. Nestle one (or several) into your holiday centerpiece and light up the holidays.

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