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Linden-Blossom-and-Nectar-Home-Fragrance-Mist-0950560807-470The Advice Sisters are enchanted by Thymes fragrances because they are nicely presented and they smell luxurious, but when you look at the price you can’t help but think: “is that all?”  For instance, the beautiful Thymes Potpourri box of Linden Blossom & Nectar.  It’s $44.00 but it makes an impressive gift. And it’s not just little chips of unidentifiable “stuff” in that box. There are all-natural amra pods, hibiscus and exotic handmade flowers that look elegant and expensive, and make a pretty display in any season.  The scent really fills the room.  Dup the potpourri into a silver or china bowl and its an instant centerpiece for your holiday gathering — no need to add additional scented candles or room spray.  If you’re not sure what to give someone, this is certainly one size fits all and appropriate for just about anyone. The Thymes Wildwood collection “captures the deep enchantment of the forest, a hidden reserve dense with life and mystery.”  Linden Blossom & Nectar has floral notes of honeyed linden flower , Lemon verbena, damp soil,  yellow violet , lilac and dewberry . The scent is floral, but reminds me of a walk through wild flowers, because there really is an earthiness to it that is both sensual, and appropriate to the holiday season. Potpourri  is an eco friendly gift, too.  But if you want to add even more “oomph” or just want to add an instant boost of scent to a room, the Linden Blossom & Nectar Home Fragrance Mist in a brushed Copper Spray Can i($18.00 3 fl. oz.) s a great choice, too. The green/woodsy/floral scent adds allure to your boudoir and masks cooking and pet odors in a flash. Visit http://www.thymes.com to see the entire collection, which also includes candles, and a reed diffuser.


laura mercier votive candle samples


There’s just something about Laura…Laura Mercier’s Bath and Body (and home) scents, that is. $65.00 nets you four of Laura’s Bath & Body Collection signature scents in chic, unsex-tinted chocolate brown glass mini tumblers. Each is mini, but mighty enough to fill a room with fragrance for days.  The thing about a truly upscale scented candle is that even with a mini, less is more. Even one of these little votives will scent a room for hours, and they are so pretty! The Laura Mercier Votive Candle Sampler Collection Includes:

  • Crème Brûlée Candle, 2.5 oz. glass tumbler  (more vanilla-y and intense in the bath/body products but still gourmand)
  • Fresh Fig Candle, 2.5 oz. glass tumbler  (softly fruity)
  • Ambre Vanillé Candle, 2.5 oz. glass tumbler  (slightly spicy, sensual)
  • Tarte au Citron Candle, 2.5 oz. glass tumbler – Exclusive scent to Collection (not quite a pastry, but a mix of buttery and citrus..yummy!)

These minis are limited edition, although the fragrances are available in bath and body products in other holiday gift sets and during the year. Visit your favorite Laura Mercier counter or www.lauramercier.com

mrs. meyersmmeyers














Imagine my surprise when I attended a Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Event and discovered that the REAL Mrs. Meyers was in the house!  But the affable Mrs. Meyers was indeed sitting right next to me.  And I also learned all about the holiday scents Orange C love, Iowa Pine,  and Cranberry, that are the limited edition holiday offerings for 2013.  The home scents collection include a liquid dish soap ($3.99 16 oz.), a Liquid Hand Soap (3.99 12.5 oz.), Countertop Spray ($3.99 16 oz.),  Scented Soy Candle ($6.99 4.9 oz.) and this lovely “Seasons Cleanings” Set ($12.99) which is nicely boxed with a countertop spray, liquid hand soap, and a liquid dish soap, in either the Iowa Pine, Orange Clove or Cranberry Scent. Visit http://mrsmeyers.com or 877-865-1508 or mass market retailers like Target and Walmart.  
















caldrea holiday caldrea juniper laurel mint chart

Limited Edition fragrances  are plentiful during the holidays, because seasonal scents make the days truly “merry & bright.”  One that I’m really loving is Caldrea’s limited edition Juniper Laurel Mint fragrance that reminds me of that uplifting, almost nostril-cleansing pine scent you get when you pass an urban Christmas tree lot, and the pine trees and wreaths and pine boughs are all pressed tightly together in an enclosed space, so you really smell the invigorating scent of pine. It just smells “ahppy.”  If you’re going to wash a dish, clean a counter, wash your hands, or give a gift to a host/hostess, why not make it something that really is a cheerful treat. Caldrea offers this Juniper Laurel Mint scent in a variety of ways, including a candle in a tin ($15.00), hand lotion, and some gift sets, something to suit every budget. But at just $9.00 for the countertop spray and $9.00 for the dish soap, outfit your kitchen and make every day, a holiday!  There’s also a limited edition Crimson Pear Ginger and a limited edition Vanilla Quince Santal scent, too. Visit http://www.caldrea.com


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At a holiday preview a few months back, we discovered a unique holiday product that makes a lot of sense.  Scentsicles by Enviroscent are scented stick ornaments that you can hang from a tree, wreath, arrangement, or virtually anywhere else you choose. The four fragrances are representative of the holiday season and really smell like fir and holly berry, pine, spruce, snow berry, wreath, candy cane, and cinnamon stick.  There are other, non-holiday centric Scentsicles available as well in other yummy scents like apple spice.  The slim sticks have looks so you can hang then, and even if you don’t have a genuine live tree (many people want then but don’t have them for a variety of very good reasons), your home can smell like you do!  The eco-friendly (made from natural fibers), bio-degradeable scented ornaments tucked into faux trees and wreaths, or into centerpieces really add the smell of the holidays in a big way. They’re just fun to use. At just $7.99 for a bottle of 6 ornaments, they’re a perfect little pick me up for your own hone, or a stocking stuffer gift that make every home smell “merry” no matter what the occasion. We had such fun trying these out. The fragrance really lasts, and there’s no mess or fire danger, either. What a cute find!  You can get these in lots of mass market retailers, on in a 4-pack on Amazon.com for $32.95, or a single jar of 6  like Pine for $4.00 and online at www.scentsicles.com 

yankee candle calmYankee Candle is known for affordable home scents. And they’ve got plenty of holiday-centric (or should I say, “scentric”) fragrance items such as snowflake cookie, celebrate Christmas and merry marshmallow (none o which we tried, but we saw the big jars of them at a holiday preview, and they looked yummy), but if you are feeling particularly stressed, light up a Relaxing Rituals 6 oz. candle such as CALM, featuring the soothing, warm fragrance mix of sandalwood, vanilla and lavender. This lavender-tinted candle is housed in a substantial, round, clear, glass votive with a pop-off cello top. The essential oils in this candle will scent your room for up to 35 hours (you should never burn a candle that long, but the scent will last for weeks).  A candle is always a good gift when you’re not sure what else to give someone, but it’s also a nice little gift for yourself. Kick off your shoes, pour a cup of tea, and light the CALM Yankee candle,  In a moment, you’ll start to inhale the fragrance and things will feel better, much better. For more information   http://www.yankeecandle.com/

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