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s steel earringsThese earrings from S. Steel Jewelry and QVC look like a million but they really are a steel (oh, I mean a steal).  These collar-bone grazing rows of  glittery and delicate swing-y chains dangling from an open diamond shape, add edgy bling to any outfit. They are large, measuring approximately 3-3/4″L x 1-1/2″W bit amazingly, they’re not uncomfortable, they’re actually light on the earlobes. They’re sexy and tough, but still elegant enough to stand up to party dresses.  These are the perfect accessory to gift to yourself, and to give to your favorite girlfriends. You can, because even though they look like you picked them up in a pricey boutique, they’re $25.00 at QVC! Just don’t tell!

champagne corks micxed champagne corks gold

Pop those corks and put away a glass or two of the bubbly stuff for later without any worries that if will go flat. These amazing champagne corks seal your sparkling wine  or Champagne, or even soda, but unlike regular bottle stoppers or champagne stoppers, these have a gasket that keeps pressure from building up in champagne bottles while keeping it bubbly. They come in sets of four in black, silver, gold,, blue or red, or in a mixed set of black/red/silver/gold. These really work!  A set of four is just $19.92  (Shipping & Handling: $6.22).  Break up the set and give one each as a stocking stuffer, keep two and give two away, or use all four for your next holiday part. They’re also available at 






butter london blue ice duo butter london ice duo box

Multiple are the best gift of all, and when you give a glamorous boxed duo over Butter London’s glittery overcoat of  parti-colored glitter and metallic blue polish to your nail polish-obsessed besties, they’ll have the happiest holiday ever!  The Ice Lacquer and overcoat duo includes a Bluecoat Lacquer,  and a Leccy Overcoat. The Bluecoat Lacquer, just “fyi,” is a deep blue metallic which the notes tell me is a  twist on the traditional style of dress in British private schools. The Leccy Overcoat is apparently, Brit slang for” electricity ” True that!  .There is a ruby-centric version too, with the same, gorgeous, glittery, parti-colored glitzed  Leccy Overcoat polish .  Of course you can wear each separately, or wear the Leccy Overcoat top coat on another polish, too. The $24.00 Double Take boxed set from Butter London is a $30.00 value, so you’ll look like a big spender, but you’ll keep your budget to under $25.00. For more information on all the nifty Butter London products, visit

pacificaPresentation counts a lot, when you’re looking to spend just a little. For example, the Enlighten  Eye Brightening Shadow Palette by Pacifica is just $14.00, but it looks incredible luxe . The outer carton is reminiscent of a moorish palace, in shades of peach and maroon, with lavish gold metallic embellishments.  Inside, there’s a hard sided cardboard palette with peek-a-boo top and with a magnetic closure, that shows off four  gorgeous,  highly pigmented mineral satin makeup and iridescent shades designed to brighten the eyes and make you look lively, even if you’re feel less than perky after a rough night.  The formula is  infused with coconut water for a velvety, cream-like finish that slides on so beautifully you can use a fingertip.  The shades are:  Urchin- An iridescent jeweled purple with gold tones. Use dry as a shadow, wet as a liner. Perfect for smudging and a great substitute for black;  Golden- A perfect gold with just the right amount of shimmer (*this is the perfect boost your day to night look color–leave the palette in your desk at work, add a bit of water and use as a lid liner or more metallic-y shadow). Use on the lids or line the eyes; Coral Sand- A satin lid base or highlighter; and Skinny Dip- Matte nude base, a universal brightener. Perfect for using on the inner eye to add brightness. The colors are warm and sexy, easy to wear, and godo for day or evening.  If you’re giving this to a friend who is sensitive to these things, you can easily tell her that these mineral makeup products are formulated without:  Phthalates, parabens, carmine, beeswax, lanolin, mineral oils, propylene glycol, petroleum and FD& C colors, and with no animal testing.  They are also Gluten-free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free.  See? Your gift-giving worries are over!  Get yours at online retailers like and learn more at :


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