Holiday Gift Idea: Special Keys are Jewelry and Art Conjured Up As In a Fairytale @keystomycastle

keys to my castleKeys to my Castle is a collection of classic, couture and inspirational key blanks that when ground to your key’s specifications, open the doors to your special places.   There are  dozens of different types, and each key has a whimsical and unique design.  These key blanks can be cut to fit most any lock by a professional locksmith. Designer Michele Lilley created the line inspired by her grandmother’s collection of enchanted objects.  

three keys to my castle

You’re handed a pretty little box and you wonder what’s inside? It’s tied with a satin ribbon.  You undo the bow, open the lid, and peer inside.  You see a key, nestled into the velvet lining of the box.  You take it out and inspect it.  This is not like any key you’ve ever seen. This one looks like one imagined from a  fairy tale. It’s heart-shaped at the top, glittering with aurora  borealis rhinestones.  Does it open the gate to a secret garden, or is it the key to someone’s heart?  In another box, there is another key. This one has a top in the shape of a corset, twinkling with red and aurora borealis crystals.  You wonder if it unlocks the door to a lover’s hide-away.  The third box features a key with a castle top.  This one you know is the one for you — it’s the key to your new home, your own special place — someone had this key made just for you to remind you that your home really is your castle.

The three keys in the photo above are just a tiny sample of what’s available on the Keys to My Castle Website.These key blanks should be cut by a professional locksmith, but there is a wide variety of key types they’ll fit. I  I selected the heart, corset and castle as an example, but there is a very large  variety including  insects, crowns, animals, swords, skulls and much, much more. The keys are nickle plated brass and many are encrusted with Swarovski crystals.  The prices range from $20 to over $50 depending upon the key top and size.   The heart with rhinestones is called the purest heart key blank and it’s $45.00.  and would make a romantic gift for a newlywed’s first home, or as a gesture of love  (the keys to your heart to wear on a chain, and it opens the door to your place, or his place).  We also love the  Little French Corset (choose none, or ruby red, purple velvet or fuchsia Swarovski crystals) which would be fun to give a sister or a friend for her new home, or perhaps as a sexy secret to share your kinky side with your special someone. The Fairytale Castle Key Blank is also $45.00 and we think it would be a nice choice for anyone,  for any reason (your space is your castle, after all). We don’t have a photo of our fourth suggested choice, but there are a variety of crown key toppers. Give one to him, to remind him always that he is your special love as Ana did in 50 Shades of Greay with her  “Your Love Is King” ringtone. After all, he’s the King of your heart.

key tpes

The graphic above spells out the more technical details, but if you’re not quite sure what kind of key you are using, you can go to a locksmith (or a Home Depot-type store) and show them the key. They’ll tell you. Then it is simple to order the right blank in the design you desire. The only issue  personally have with the keys is that they are heavy, so if you are the type of person who carries a jailer’s bunch around with you everywhere, be prepared to be weighted down with one, and certainly more than one, of these beautiful keys.

This has to be one of the most unusual, sentimental and yet practical gifts we can think of for holiday 2013 or for any occasion. And if you didn’t want to cut a functioning key from the blanks, tie a velvet ribbon through the hole, and you can always wear it as a pendant.  You can learn more on the Keys to My Castle Website, and Check them out on Facebook:

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