Ladies: you don’t have to wait for a proposal to get that diamond! @Diamond_Envy #DiamondEnvy #RareDiamonds


 Ladies: you don’t have to wait for a proposal to get that diamond!

diamond envy ring

Why Wait for someone to give this 1.82 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring from Diamond Envy to you…get it for yourself, girl!



Most women dream of their wedding day and being married to the love of their life.  And why shouldn’t they?  But if your special someone is on the fence, you might want to point to this new UCLA study that has been brought to our attention by Diamond Envy, as illustrated in this animated short film. It shows not only does marriage add ten years to your life, it also thwarts depression, makes you happier and leads to better sex.

Better sex?  That’s surely an attention-grabber!

And another attention grabber could be that fabulous diamond you get to flaunt when you finally get engaged.

But why wait?

1.42 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

these 1.42 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings from Diamond Envy will be the envy of all your friends

Single ladies…put your own ring on it!   And if you’re already married, don’t you deserve to treat yourself without waiting for someone else to do it for you?  Empower yourself, and get yourself a fabulous, certified color diamond from Diamond Envy.   Or if you’re not really a ring girl, these gorgeous fancy yellow diamond earrings would brighten up anyone’s day, including yours, don’t you think? With wedding season just about here, sparkle and make a statement no matter what you’re wearing with earrings that light up the day or night. 

Diamond Envy has been a standout diamond wholesaler in New York’s famed diamond district for over 15 years.  Check out their website for an amazing selection of yellow diamonds and pink diamonds, all at wholesale prices. Now, they are also making it easier to bring you their extremely rare black, red and chameleon diamonds. And if it’s an emerald you fancy, Diamond Envy has the perfect gem that’ll make you question if you need a fiance at all, at least for now.



*we hope you enjoy this sponsored post brought to you by Diamond Envy

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