Litter Robot Keeps “Eau de Kitty” at Bay!

Ever since I was two years old, I’ve had at least one cat in my house. I don’t think a house is a home without at least one cat. Kitties make the most wonderful companions, but they also make something else…a lot of kitty poop (and with that, plenty of “eau de kitty”).

Over the years, I’ve tried various litter boxes. Even though I live in a small space, I found that a covered box and good quality litter, changed twice a day, keep the house from smelling like a barnyard. Cat box odor wasn’t ever much of a problem… ….until Nike arrived!


Nike is a Maine Coon kitten. She is smart and funny, pretty, playful and friendly and everything wonderful that you’d want in a cat. But Nike makes cat poo so smelly, it can almost peel paint off the walls.  We changed her diet and the type of cat litter we used, but nothing helped. My other cat is a 24 pound Maine Coon named Jessie, and even she doesn’t want to share a litter box with Nike.  I had to figure out something.

Then, at a holiday preview event for editors, I discovered the Litter Robot. This donut-shaped covered box looks a bit like a space capsule. It looks so much like one, that my husband took to saying: “godspeed John Glenn” whenever Nike entered the Litter Robot). But the Litter Robot has a unique feature. It is designed so that a cat goes into the box (filled with clumping litter), does her “business” and covers it up (as cats do) and then leaves as normal. But then, about 7 minutes after the cat has left the “capsule,” the Litter Robot motor is activated, and the round part of the Litter Robot (not the base) begins to rotate. As it does so, the clumps of “cat business” fall between some grates, into a drawer lined with a tall kitchen garbage bag at the base. The Litter Robot then rotates slowly back into the original position, leaving only clean litter in place, and the waste in the bottom drawer. This means every single time your cat goes into the box, it is like having a brand new, clean litter box. At the end of a couple of days (depending upon how many cats use it and how long you care to wait) you simply lift the plastic garbage bag out of the bottom drawer, and throw the cat poop away. There is no scraping or sifting or using your hands (other than to toss the bag). If you go away for a few days, your cat will still have clean litter every single time, and your house won’t stink like stale, used up cat litter when you return. This is essential during the holidays, when you may have guests but don’t want to subject them to cat odor. The assembled Litter Robot is tall and bulky, but it’s not bad to look at, and let me tell you, this litter box is the ultimate!

Litter Robot was Nike-tested, and it passed with flying colors, and keeps our house smelling like a house, not like a super-stinky, Nike-tainted, cat box. It is truly a modern miracle.

That’s all the good stuff.  Alas, it is expensive, at a suggested retail of $339.00 (there are reconditioned units available for $279.00, and shipping is free). But there are some money-saving benefits, too. You can use ordinary tall kitchen trash bags, so you don’t need to purchase pricey specialty bags that some cat boxes require, and you can use any brand of (clumping) cat litter you like.  You’ll find that your litter lasts way longer, too, because only the clumps fall into the bottom drawer.  We have used The Litter Robot for over a month, and still haven’t added more litter, and it’s still fine. To be sure, the lack of cat box odor and the convenience of not having to continually clean out a smelly cat box, is priceless.    The box is made to last. It’s crafted of tough recyclable plastics and industrial grade components.  Also, the Litter-Robot has a patented litter box sifting process, not a rake mechanism (as in some other automatic cat boxes) that might get jammed or clogged, or that needs frequent cleaning and maintenance. It is a quality appliance.


The main (and major)  drawback for me personally, is that the box is designed for cats under 15 pounds. That’s not going to be a problem for most cat owners with normal sized cats. But if you have very large cats like my Maine Coons Nike and Jessie, the standard size litter robot isn’t going to accommodate your cats. Jessie,a mature female  at 24 pounds, can’t fit into the Litter Robot. Some day, Nike will also be her size. Jessie decided to show us how she felt about not fitting into the Litter Robot, by doing her “business” on the floor of our living room. We quickly re-instated her larger sized regular covered box. *note that there is a larger, bubble Unit LR2 ($359.99) that  seems to accommodate  larger cats by giving them a “skylight”  and expanding the front to back depth by 3 inches, but that’s not the unit I tested and  I am still not sure it would hold a cat the size of a dog.

Litter Robot will fit any decor as it available in black, beige and grey.  The instructions that came with the Litter Robot had a lot of information about how to get your cat to use the box, but Nike just waited for about half a day, stepped inside, knew what to do, and has been using it ever since over the other cat box. Once a cat tries it, they will love it. When the Litter Robot is rotating, it is a source of fascination for both cats. If a cat is in the box or steps on the step up into the box, the Litter Robot will stop rotating until the cat leaves and a few minutes has passed. Even if Nike doesn’t need to use the box, she sometimes will jump in it, jump out, and then wait for it to rotate. When it does, she will put her paws on the step to stop the rotation, and then when it resets, do it all over again. It’s really funny to watch. But, thankfully,  she uses it for serious matters, as well.

Here is a little animated video that shows how the Litter Robot Works:



This reliable, safe box comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee and an 18-month full warranty. Assembly was super easy and took just minutes. It is not just a time saver and a way to make your home more pleasant to live in, it would make a superb holiday gift for a cat lover.  The Litter Robot has made our lives at lot more pleasant. Let a Litter Robot do the same for you and your cat(s), or for a special cat loving friend.  Visit the Litter Robot Web Site to order yours:   or call: 1-800-250-7729

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