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photo by Alison Blackman, (C) 2013


I’m not much of a spectator sports enthusiast,  but this week, Citizen Watch and the US Open made a new fan out of me.  I attended the US Open for the first time, to watch Citizen Watch Brand Ambassador Victoria Azarenka play in the quarter finals (and win her matches,  of course)! Just so you know, Citizen Watch  is the official timekeeper of the US Open for the 21st year. Precision is an absolute necessity in this sport, and in every sport. In fact, when you think of it, having a precise, reliable timepieces is one of the most important things we require in daily life, too.  Wearing a watch that is reliable and beautiful is not just a luxury. Consider what happens if you miss a flight, or an important meeting?

I also saw Li Na beat Ekaterina Makarova in her fourth-round match in Arthur Ashe Stadium

Victoria, fondly known as “Vika” to her loyal fans, is just 23 years old, but she has won cartloads of titles, already. She is definitely a contender in teh 2013 US Open. Watching her play against  Ana Ivanovic  (from the Citizen Watch suite) gave me an up-close-and-personal appreciation for just how challenging tennis is at this level. These women are totally focused on the game, despite the distractions from cameras, security, and even fans  (and this is a genteel sport) who can’t help screaming “Go VIKA!” from the stands. It was (to me) like watching gladiators –just two people focusing all their attention and skill, body and soul, on triumph and the chance to take on the next challenger.  Towards the end of Vika’s match, you could tell that the players were getting physically spent, but they never wavered from the task of the match. The noise level in the stands, rose and you could just feel the tension all around you.  Seeing this live, was incredibly exciting.

vika kids kidsA few weeks earlier, Citizen Watch Company of America, Inc. (COA) sponsored  a scavenger hunt featuring  Victoria “Vika” Azarenka on Tuesday,  in New York City, to celebrate Citizen’s role as the official timekeeper of the 2013 US Open. Five large tennis balls were hidden at iconic New York City locations. Clues to the location of each ball will be featured on both Viak’a and Citien”s social media sites.  Each tennis ball included  a note informing the finder where they should go to receive their prize – a Citizen Eco-Drive US Open Series watch, tickets to the US Open, and a chance to meet Vika, in person.  At yesterday’s match, I saw a bunch of kids up front at courtside, holding these large, neon green, tennis balls that looked more like lobster floats than something you could hit with a racquet, all waiting for autographs. They seemed almost dizzy with excitement, and I couldn’t blame them!

Vika may be a fierce competitor on the tennis court, but her charisma shine through.  Like the Citizen watch decorated with tiny, sparkling diamonds, that she apparently favors when she is not on the court, she has a precise side, and also one of beauty and warmth.  For example, Vika recently visited the Harlem Junior Tennis & Education Program, whose mission is to bring tennis to youth from high risk, low-income inner-city neighborhoods. Citizen hosted the event. According to my lovely host at the Open, Vika was scheduled to stay for a certain period of time, but she was so into helping the kids with their tennis skills, they had to pry her away. She didn’t want to leave until a child’s tennis serve was executed just right!  I am sure Vika, and Citizen, inspired a lot of young people that day.

citizen watchestennis player with watch Even if you can’t get to the Open, you can still rock the 2013 Limited Series US Open watch by Citizen, the very same one I saw being offered to US Open guests at the stadium and that Vika is wearing in the photo (she also wears a Citizen Eco-Drive watch that is “fancier” with tiny diamonds). This photo was  taken at the youth event in Harlem.  The watches are available with a red canvas strap with blue and white stitching, or a blue nylon strap with red and white stitching. Additional design features include a white dial with the U.S. Open logo, a textured, tennis racquet graphic, and a tennis-inspired scoring scale at the silver tone, stainless steel, outer ring.  The Eco-Drive E111 watch also has a date function and is water resistant up to 166 feet. The watch case is generously sized at 42mm and is sporty, and seriously eye-catching.

These time-driven-by-light watchews are powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive, harnessing both natural and artificial light, never needing a battery. The Advice Sisters have reviewed the fantastic Eco-Drive by Citizen and it’s unique features,  previously, but these watches are true collectibles.  Even the found, hard-sided presentation box is special, made with recycleable paper. The watches retail for $149 and are available at and I also love the this watch is not just eco-drive, but eco-friendly, since you are not forced to ditch an old battery. You can learn more on the Citizen Watch Official Web Site:


Ms. Azarenka can be found on Facebook: and Twitter:  Instagram: vichka35

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