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purusa dream extract

Sweet Dreams!


You can count sheep, drink warm milk, take a hot bath, think calming thoughts, but other than taking a sleeping pill, sometimes sleep just doesn’t come.  Aromatherapy, however, can actually help your brain feel energized, or calm, or perhaps, sleepy.  While linen sprays have been around for a long time to make sheets and towels smell good, a bunch of sleep-inducing aromatherapy sprays have cropped up in the past few years.  One that I have just discovered is the Purusa Dream Extract  $28.00 1 fl. oz. pillow spray . It arrives in a simple, slimline, frosted plastic bottle, created by entrepreneur and veteran industry perfumer, Sherri Sebastian.  She apparently met an aromatherapist back in 2003 on a trip to Belize, who showed her a new way to work with essential oils. With a background in yoga, perhaps it was fated that Sherri would then learn the art of fragrance with top fragrance houses in NYC.

Sherri’s Purusa Dream Extract produced exclusively by Sebastian Signs.  FYI: “Purusa” means lots of things, but it is also the Sanskrit word for “pure consciousness”  Well, actually that is two words, but you get the point!  The fragrance is supposed to put you in the mood for sleep. When I think of sleep sprays, I usually think of something herbal, with rosemary or lavender. Purusa’s notes combine Australian sandalwood with organic French clary sage and Italian Bergamot.  You’d think that would be heavy but Pursusa, surprisingly, smells light and fresh. It evokes clean laundry that has aired in the sunlight. That brings back good memories and for me, an instant “happy place” in my head. Sprayed on a pillow or your sheets, it can certainly make you feel happier, relaxed, and ready for sleep.

Sebastian Signs believes that a little luxury should be an essential part of everyone’s life.  That being said, while $28.00 may be a bit more of a splurge for the budget-conscious for a pillow spray, it’s hardly at the cost of a BMW,  or a fancy fragrance.  If it helps you to sleep at night or just feel better and more relaxed,  it’s far more economical and less time consuming than a trip to a spa. I would definitely categorize it as a little luxury and for some, a must have!

Purusa Dream Extract launched in September, and it’s now available at fine boutiques and online at www.sebastiansigns.com

ADVICE SISTERS ADVANCE HOLIDAY GIFT TIP: This would also make a lovely holiday gift for your the “Type A’s” on your holiday lift,  packaged with an eye shade and a CD of calming sounds (the sea, rainforest, etc).

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