Relax! Little Chroma Get Ready To Strike!

When I first heard about the Little Chroma by JimmyJane, all I could think of was the 1960’s song called “Hey Little Cobra” by the Rip Chords with lyrics that include:”

“Spring little Cobra get ready to strike
Spring little Cobra now with all of your might
Spring little Cobra get ready to strike
Spring little Cobra now with all of your might
Hey little Cobra don’t you know you’re gonna shut ‘em down”

These lyrics were part of an ode to the Ford Shelby Cobra , a sportscar that was powerful, sleek and fast.

Perhaps the Little Chroma by JimmyJane, like the Shelby Cobra, will be a “machine” that legends and songs, are created about.   But the Little Chroma isn’t a car, it’s a personal relaxation device (a vibrator).  Like the Shelby Cobra, it has looks to kill, and it’s sleek. Like it strike you with delight!  I had meant to include it in a holiday gift guide, but since it arrived too late for that, and now it’s time to bring joy to yourself (not just to the world), I thought a January review would be appreciated.

At first glance, the Little Chroma could be many things — a high tech device, a mind-altering wand, or maybe, just a minimalist small work of art. The Little Chroma may amaze you with it’s modern design. There are no buttons, gaudy colors, or ge-gaws to mar it’s sleek looks. It’s a work of art. The slim vibe has just one speed (the right one, the literature says) and it is waterproof. It is the first vibrator with a motor than can actually be replaced.

There are no working controls on the Little Chroma. To turn it on you put in an AA battery, and twist the cap on (make sure it is on firmly to ensure it is waterproof,  if you are using it in water). Other than the cap (there are two small holes in it to attach a string, if you plan to use it somewhere it might get”lost” internally), there is nothing to mar the beauty of the vibrator, or make it awkward to use.  There is no charger, no push buttons, nothing that wags or jumps or tickles.  You can put it in hot water, or make it cool, to alter the sensations of the brightly colored metal against your skin. It’s really a unique and luxurious tool for pleasure.

If you want a lot of bells and whistles and variable speeds, and things that whirr, buzz and move around, the Little Chroma might not be your best choice. However, the way the device is designed, it has a quiet, low-frequency vibration  that varies in intensity along the length of the device. It is intense at the tip and gradually less towards the cap. You work it as you wish. It is also very quiet and discreet once the cap is firmly on the device, but without an on-off switch or button, those initial moments when you’re screwing on the cap can be a bit noisy.

The vibrator’s exterior can be many things. Go super-luxe and get it in 24-Karat gold ($425)  or platinum ($495) or double-anodized aluminum ($125) or stainless steel ($195) . There are even some Little Chromas with designs, inspired by Dutch Masters (imagine!). These materials heat up or cool down with the body, and they are non toxic and safe.  This vibrator is so discreet, no one would know its function unless you tell them, so it’s great for travel. It supposedly lasts 16 hours on a single AA battery. It would have been nice if JimmyJane included a travel pouch, but if you have a makeup bag in your purse, it’ll fit without an issue.  Absolutely no one would know that it wasn’t a makeup brush or something similar.

Unlike flowers and chocolate, the Little Chroma can last a lifetime and still has a three year limited warranty. It’s just the thing to give (or get) for Valentine’s Day. Visit the JimmyJane Web site, specially the Little Chroma Page, or buy online retailers like Amazon, to get yours.


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