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There is nothing easier, more appropriate, and more enjoyable, than receiving a gift of scent. But while a gift of perfume is highly personal, and perhaps best left for those who know you very well, a gift of home scent, or scented bath and body products, are a lovely gift for the Winter holidays,and any time of year.  These are  “one-size-fits-all” fragrance items that are always a safe and welcome choice for friends, co-workers, and family.  Here are some to consider that will satisfy everyone!

The Soap & Paper Factory Natural Home and Bath/Body products make “scent-sational” gift ideas.  For example, who wouldn’t love this Geranium Petite Oil Diffuser $32.00! It  comes in a beautiful,  slim box festooned with pink and white “roses, and a brown base.  Recycled materials are used to create the packaging.  Since the company touts natural products, naturally, the diffuser box is recyclable, and the diffuser is biodegradeable (the reeds, anyway, the glass is recyclable). The 3.65 fl. oz. glass mini bottle has a lovely floral label that looks elegant and festive.

But, of course, it is the scented oil that fills your nostrils and makes you feel pampered.  The Geranium scented oil in which float six, slender, wooden reeds, is floral, with just a nod to a hint of spice.  The scent seems light, but I had one of these sitting on my porch for a week, and when I walked into the room, you could really enjoy the aura of the fragrance surrounding you.  Even better, the products are made without additives, parabens, phthlates, or dyes, They’re vegan, and made in the USA.

If you like the geranium scent, you can also get it in a Soy Candle ($28.00), solid perfume, room spray, soap, hand cream, and quite a few other items as well.   Of course, there are lots of other items and beautiful, authentic scents to smell and savor. Visit:



the qvc holiday cheer trio smells just like spiced cider

If there’s one gift set everyone is going to ooh and aah over, it has got to be  the Philosophy Holiday Cheer trio ($40.00) from QVC.

Who could resist the intoxicating, comforting (and slightly sensual) fragrance of a mug of steaming hot cider? Maybe it’s the rich juice of warmed apples, or perhaps it’s the spices that instantly warm and transform your mood. In any case, it’s a scent that reminds everyone of the cooler months, and especially, the holidays.

The  QVC Holiday Cheer Trio by Philosophy arrives in a pretty paper tote bag, into which are nestled a  generous 8 fl. oz pump bottle of Hand lotion and one of Hand Wash, plus an 8 fl. oz. bottle of  Room Spray. My photo doesn’t show the pump top of the room spray (the clear bottle in the middle), but it’s included.  The scent is guaranteed to infuse any room with holiday sprit. The warm apple scent accented with cinnamon and nutmeg spices really does smell exactly like spiced cider. In fact, Philosophy gives you the recipe for spiced cider right on the bottles! Make your spiced cider, inhale, and then smell any of the Holiday Cheer items from Philosophy. You will be amazed at how authentic (and great) the fragrance is!

This trio makes an amazing holiday gift for anyone, male or female. But of course, it’s also made by Philosophy, so you know the ingredients will nurture, not torture, your skin.  Visit and seek out Item #A228467.


When I was a little girl, a family friend gave me a scented soap.  It was large, and round, and arrived in it’s own plastic “travel case” with a fancy paper label. Inside, in colored tissue pleated like origami, was a soap so fragrant and exotic, I could barely believe that something this precious would be passed my way.  The soap was a “fougere” by Roger & Gallet, Paris.

I have enjoyed many different kinds of scented soap bars since then, but whenever I see a bar of Roger & Gallet soap, wrapped in tissue, and in one of those individual plastic compacts, and still scented so beautifully, it takes me back to that time when that one, elegant soap, made me nearly swoon with excitement!

For the holidays, this beautifully boxed (with cute, travel-centric graphics), Limited Edition Toile de Jouy quartet of Roger & Gallet soaps  ($40.00) make a perfect, unisex, one size fits all gift to have on hand for the hard to please,or you can make four young ladies feel very special, with one beautiful soap each.  These do not come in the plastic travel cases, but the set includes four of the favorite Roger & Gallet scents:  Jean Marie Farina (refreshing and a fave of Napoleon), Bois d’Orange (an earthy and invigorating scent);  Energizing and slightly sweet and lemony Citron,  and a soft, relaxing, powdery rose.  The company, a  purveyor of fine, scented soaps of since 1862 also offer these distinctive, expensive smelling, and just a bit herbal and earthy fragranced soaps:  Stimulating Ginger, Soothing Green Tea, relaxing, soft and powdery rose, and the newest: Fleur d’Osmanthus (which I didn’t try but it’s deemed: “exhilarating”).  

Each scented soap is a different color, and each is wrapped in silk tissue (and with color coordinated accents on the label), appropriate to the scent. Like a profusion of pastel blossoms in a Spring bouquet, these will light up your life. TIP:  Put the still to be used soaps in a lingerie drawer–they’re strong enough to act as sachets until you are ready to transfer then to the bathroom. Check out the official Roger & Gallet Web Site,and find them at Duane Reade, online, and in specialty stores internationally.

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