Sensational Holiday Scents For Your Senses From the Thymes

Brandied Pumpkin & Chestnut sounds like a pie you want to dig your fork into, but it’s actually a fragrance from the fabulous Thymes Company.  When you review a lot of fragrances, especially home scents, your senses get very attuned to what smells authentic and what smells good.  It doesn’t necessary follow that a fabulously expensive home scent will be the one you love the most, but good quality is a must.

Nearly 30 years ago, Thymes was founded by two childhood friends with a mutual curiosity and a common desire to make something meaningful and beautiful. Since then, the company has flourished thanks to a shared passion for creativity, botanical ingenuity, beauty and friendship. Thymes today is a creative collective of some 60 individuals dedicated to creating beautiful fragrances that enrich the quality of daily life.  When you smell any Thymes fragrance it smells authentic, and unique, and lovely.  These sensational holiday scents  it will be a treat for your all  your senses, with a balance of identifiable notes, blended in new, fresh, modern ways.

A perfect example of what I’m talking about, is the new-for-the-holidays, Brandied Pumpkin & Chestnut  fragrance.  I sampled the nicely boxed, 9.25 oz. fragranced candle ($32.00) .   You can see from the photo that the packaging is lovely, with a soft brown cardboard box sparkling with copper metallic accents, and even a classic partridge in a pear tree.

Inside, a warm, amber glass votive holds a amber tinted candle.  Amber casts a romantic, warm light, so it’s lovely for a holiday party, or in the evening when you want to relax. Around the middle of the votive is strip of soft, brown suede from which dangles a lovely ceramic charm festooned with gold metallic leaves. You can remove this and wear it as a pendant or a wrapped bracelet (so trendy!).  Or, you can just keep it on the candle to add a bit of chic to the presentation.  But, it’s like getting two gifts in one.

The scent is spicy with some gourmand and woody notes.  Your nose really gets a hit of the spicy and familiar cinnamon bark, sweet nutmeg and spicy clove, then Madagascar vanilla. But as the candle fills the room you also are introduced to the warm, sensual, bottom notes of amber, sandalwood and patchouli — classic fragrance  notes for bath, body and home, that are perfect for holiday parties and for adding a warm and sensual ambiance to any room. The only thing I really don’t smell is pumpkin. It’s more the idea of pumpkin that you get from this, not the actual (and sometimes artificial and cloying) smell of the usual pumpkin candle scent.  It definitely makes a wonderful gift.

…and there are other Thymes fragrances for Fall and the holidays (from the Thymes Wildwood Collection)  that you’ll want to consider. Composed of woodland-inspired fragrances,  the Wildwood collection is inspired by scents deep within the forest. Along with brandied pumpkin & chestnut you can savor:   Bitter Orange & Cedar: Patchouli leaves, warm sandalwood and red cedar form a gently smoldering base of sweet herb and resinous sap. Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and Bourbon vanilla add a soft layer of comforting spice. Above, a lingering note of Valencia orange shines pure and bright.  And; Blue Spruce & Elderberry: A snap of fresh spruce, frosted elderberries and smoky birch tingles and invigorates. The crisp chill is warmed with sparkling bergamot, bright eucalyptus, velvety lavender and grated cinnamon, grounded by balsamic frankincense and lush moss. *I didn’t review this one, but I know it’s got to be amazing. There is also spicy and woodsy Lotus Santal with notes of cocoa orchid and red lotus,  plus plum wood, patchouli, and spicy touches of clove bud, with a drydown of creamy amber and sandalwood –sensual and delicious! 


I’m not sure how much verbiage I really need to tell you about this Bitter Orange & Cedar Porpourri (2.2 dry qt. $44.00).   Just one look at the photo, and you know it’s gorgeous, and you want it!   If you didn’t even take it out of the packaging it would be beautiful, scenting any room. But poured into a pretty bowl, it’s a room enhancer you don’t need to light or move for months!   Personally, most potpourri smells too sweet, too obvious, or like it was concocted in a Willy Wonka-esque chemical lab, but this one smells authentically of sweet herbs, rare spices and resinous sap, blending all-natural amra, orange hibiscus and orange pods, tangerine orange bellani and exotic handmade flowers to create an elegant display. Yep, there is a whole tangerine and a bunch of orange in this potpourri, and they’re real! There is also a “flower” and lovely seeds, pods, peels and nuts.  You might be tempted to eat it, but instead, it’s a lovely way to decorate and automatically scent a room, without candles, room sprays, or oil diffusers.  A box of ultra-luxe potpourri like this is a one-size-fits-all gift idea for just about everyone on your list. TIP:  be sure to also purchase the  Bitter Orange & Cedar Refresher Oil ($19.00) and keep the scent of Fall and the holidays going all Winter long!

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