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Uh well dance all night and whirl your hair
Make the night cats stop and stare
Dance all night go to work
Do the move with quirky jerk
Just shake it up, oo-oo
Shake it up, oo yeah
Shake it up, that’s right
Shake it up

Uh well dance all night (go go go)
“get so light” (get real low)
Dance all night (get real hot)
Shake it up, all you’ve got, woo

From the song “Shake it Up” by The Cars


FinalClubLogoAs a newly minted expert “expert” for my new dating and relationship web sites,  Leather and Lace Advice and Leather and Lace Spice ” I now get the chance to try different intimate items. Yes, it’s a far cry from testing out lipsticks and fragrances (but no worries, the Advice Sisters Web site will also be a beauty, fashion and lifestyles site)! But over the past few years, I have reviewed a number of Jopen’s beautiful and unique vibrators in my Advice Sisters Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle web site, because it’s ok to be open about personal pleasure.

One of the popular categories to enhance romance is the vibrator, massager, or if you prefer the poetic, the “personal pleasure device.”

Vibrators come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and in some cases, they are even scented. Some warm up, some can be chilled. Some are waterproof, some have attachments. Some are meant to be used outside the body, some for internal insertion (and in various place, but I am not going into that in this review). The one thing all vibrator/massagers, PPDs are designed to do is vibrate, to relax a muscle or muscles. No need to be coy about it, when it comes to your intimate pleasure, vibrators are used to help bring on an orgasm.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a vibrator is that no one type is “best.” The one that you like and use is the one you want That choice is as individual as the type of toothbrush you prefer, or what kind of fragrance you like, or even which kind of ice cream makes your mouth, water.

JOPEN, the world’s leading luxury pleasure product brand, has a wide range of very nice products. In fact, the Jopen web site touts the products as “the elegance of passion.”Jopen has won many awards over the years, and in fact, just won two more O awards (the pleasure product industry’s equivalent of an Oscar) at the 2014 AVN Expo Tony and I attended at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, in January, — the best Packaging Award for the KEY Collection, and winner of the AVN Award for Best Pleasure Product Line for Women.

These are not ordinary toys . An expert team of women drives the creation of JOPEN’s best-selling collections: Vanity, Intensity, EGO, KEY, and ENVY. Additionally, new to JOPEN are the Essence and LUST lines. But along with Jopen’s higher end lines, there is the more popularly-priced, but no less quality, KEY line. I decided to test some of these latest and greatest from Jopen and their KEY line (yes, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it)! Worthy of note is that all KEY products are made with premium Shin-Etsu, body-safe silicone, considered to be highest quality in the world. The packaging for both Jopen and KEY are also award-winning, for a reason. The boxes features very attractive, colorful graphics (the KEY line has packaging with “library style” slide outs). The basic features you will find in the product, are also printed right on the box. That’s a nice touch if you’re in a store, perusing the aisles and a bit bewildered by the dizzying displays. Inside, the boxes, all the vibrators are nestled into nicely padded, foam inserts, and the instructions and cords nicely stored. The instructions are in readable language.


jopen comet 2 jopen comet 2 with box jopen comet 2 box wth featuresThe new Key by Jopen Comet II started life as the Comet I, a glass dildo covered in silicone. But the Comet II ( Measures 1.5 inches wide and 5.25 inches long, insertablelike, designer controller reminds me a bit of the large horns in the cough drop commercials (at least the way the vibrator is gracefully curved, with a bulbous nose), and frankly, it’s fairly large and non flexible, so if you’re using it, be ready or use lots of lube for comfort (I sort of winced when I initially looked at this). The key” to operating this device is a silver disk on the side of the wand. Push it once to turn it on, hold it for a few seconds to turn it off. In-between there are 7 patterns of vibration to excite and delight you. It is reasonably quiet, too. The pulsating vibrations stimulate your vagina and your G-spot at the same time with stronger than average intensity.

What’s really great about the Comet II is that it is USB rechargeable with magnetic contacts so you can take it anywhere, easily. The magnetic contacts were super-easy as you really don’t need to push or plug anything into the wand, you just hold the magnetic cord next to the magnet heads on the wand, and they connect automatically. The silicone covering is waterproof so you can wash it and use it in water without fear that it will stop working. There’s a lint-free, black satin drawstring pouch included (as with every KEY product) and a one-year warranty is offered. The battery takes 4 hours to charge completely, but then it will provide pleasure for 2-3 hours. If you are looking for an internal vaginal and G-spot massager, this is definitely a luxe model, but at $99.99 it’s still a value. Treat yourself!

virgo virgo bo0x virgo with boxAs my c0-author Tony on Leather and Lace Advice and Leather and Lace Spice is always fond of saying, a ball-headed massager is a man’s best friend when he wants to get his (female) partner to quickly orgasm. The new Key by Jopen Virgo Body Massager (srp. $79.99) is a modestly-sized, (8.5 ” x 1.75″) but mighty and modern version of the classic ball headed body massager. This waterproof unit with a velvety smooth silicone, body massager that is powered by two AA batteries can be used on other parts of the body, but it can do a lot for a woman’s personal pleasure, with a ribbed, G-spot tip (if you choose to insert it, although I personally probably wouldn’t), and plenty of power for clitoral pleasure, with multiple speeds and 7 vibration patterns. Like the Comet II above, you simply press the silver Key disk to turn it on and off, and to cycle through the various patterns and speeds (the key disk on this one is on the top front and it’s slightly smaller). The massager comes with a pouch and a one year warranty of course. This vibrator looks tame, but it’s pretty intense. Use it and you’ll be satisfied. Cleans easily with mild soap and water. You can always use it on your aching shoulder, too. Choose blue, pink or purple.


aires with box aires aries boxFinger massagers are fun little toys, and since they’re petite, they’re easy to travel with, too. The new Key by Jopen Aries, Finger Massager ($32.89) comes in pink, blue or purple, and delivers quite a bit of power from one AAA battery with five patterns. It’s an Ambidextrous finger massager which means you can use it with either hand. The soft silicone s waterproof and comes with a pouch and a one year warranty. To use it, you rest the vibe between two fingers. At first this seemed a bit unnatural, but you’ll quickly get used to it, and then you’ll find it’s one of your favorite take-along” toys. The vibe is operated by a single button which is easily accessible by your thumb. If you are intimidated by large vibrators (or have never used one before), and just want a clitoral stimulator, or your partner wants to try adding a vibrator into your intimate play without making too much of a big deal out of it, this little Aires is a fancy “pocket rocket” that’s a great place to start.

Angela Mustone, the International Business Development Executive for JOPEN, says, “KEY is incredibly popular in the UK, Europe, and many other parts of the world. It is a global phenomenon! If anyone needs help, I’m here. JOPEN has many support tools like Visual Merchandising Plans, store signage, and web tools to help promote this wonderful brand.”

lust by jopen in box lust by jopen purpleI also tried two of Jopen’s more interesting new vibrators.

The new, knock-your-socks-off pleasurable, Jopen Lust L6 Waterproof Silicone Rechargeable Vibe, 7.75 Inch rechargeable (srp. $116.00) . The battery, once fully charged (with USB cord) battery runs for 2 hours on high speed, 3 hours on low speed. You can get it in green, purple and pink,, and the silicone is very velvety to the touch, unscented, non-porous, 100% waterproof, and hypoallergenic. The unit is extremely quiet, too. But what makes this particular vibrator unique is the petal like outer covering, and the inner core. The petals cover the entire external vaginal area and vibrate there, while the inner core can be inserted (or applied to the clitoral area) for both external and internal stimulation. There are 10 intense functions. This vibrator really looks odd when you first see it, but once you try it you realize that it is can create powerful orgasms. It’s impressive. The outer packaging is a watercolor mist of circles on a pale background–very pretty, Inside the Hard sided boox, your L6 Lust vibrator is nestled nicely into a pre-shaped foam pad for protection. It is an object of desire that will fuel your desire.

Totally unusual is the new Envy by Jopen. This Envy Six is one of the “vibrator as art” shaped pleasure objects Jopen has designed (there are quite a few), easy has a specific shape to suit a specific purpose and woman. The ENVY Six and Seven are dual stimulators (the smaller one is a “rabbit” style for clitoral stimulation)” and it has 7 functions with incremental speed control and an independent incremental speed control. It has independent, dual motors. The silicone vibrator is rechargeable ( Lithium Ion battery) with a universal USB cord. It’s 100% waterproof and the silicone has a velvety feel Other bells and whistles on this high end vibrator includes a travel lock, so it won’t go crazy in your checked luggage or carry on, a state-of-the-art memory chip resumes last function used, and an auto on/off function with LED charge indicator. . The massager, once fully charged (in a fast, 2.5 hours),, will run for 3 hours on low speedd, 45 minutes on high speed. Prices seem to vary widely on the ENVY products, and this one seems to have an average price of around $145.00 but I saw the same for much higher, and a bit lower. Check around.

For more information about KEY and other JOPEN Collections, visit


*a similar review also appears on my web site Leather and Lace Spice.coe

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