Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard by Avon Repels Bugs from Your Skin

Buzz,bizzz, zzisss, slap! That’s the all-too familiar sound of someone being “sampled” by bugs that bite. A few bites from biting flies, mosquitos, ticks, sand flies and biting midges (we call them “no see ums”) that seem to seek you out, and swarm, are all too common parts of warmer weather. Some people just seem to be “sweeter” to biting insects than others. Add to that fragranced lotions such as sun block (a must-have when outdoors in the sun), and you’re a veritable feast for bugs, a miserable, itching, scratching mess, afterwards.

But fear not!  AVON Skin-so-soft is known for repelling biting insects, and they’ve combined ingredients bugs don’t like, with some ingredients, humans really do!  Seven existing combos of Avon’s Bug Guard Essentials, some with SPF protection as well as bug-repelling benefits, come in lotions, pumps and sprays.

I love the idea that there’s something for everyone in the Bug Guard line.  For those who like lotions, there are two:  Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Gentle Breeze Lotion ($14.00 4 fl. oz.) has a very water resistant SPF 30 sunscreen plus insect repellant plus Avon’s famous skin so soft moisturization in a white tube with orange flip top cap.  There is also a Cool and Fabulous Disappearing Color Lotion ($14.00 4 fl. oz) in a bright blue tube with orange flip top cap. Kids of all ages will love the fact that the fresh smelling lotion is light blue, but disappears to clear as you rub it in. This means you’re less likely to miss a spot while protecting skin with very water resistant SPF 30 and insect repellent. Both lotions have Vitamin E and aloe, and are DEET-free, PABA-free and non-greasy.  These leave a little coating on your skin, but for all that they do for you, it is hardly noticeable.

If you have a house in the country, or like to hike in the woods, Three products that repel deer ticks (transmitters of Lyme disease) as well as mosquitoes, are the trio of Avon Skin-so-Soft Bug Guard products plus Picaridin. For those who don’t know what it is, Picaridin is an effective alternative ingredient to DEET to repel bugs, with very little odor and a clean, light feel. There’s an Aerosol Spray ($16.00), and a pump spray ($14.00 4 fl. oz.). These don’t have Sun Protection, but they do have Vitamin E and Aloe, plus an active of 10% Picaridin. The liquid has a scent that’s nearly undetectable,  so kids won’t run and hide when you come looking for them, bottle or can in hand.

My personal favorite Bug Guard product is the package of 8 individual towelettes in a portable, self-closing pouch. They’re also a bit pricey at $14.00, but if you are traveling with carry on bags, or your family is on the way to a camping trip or picnic near any buggy area, these are a true godsend. The towelettes will protect you from deer ticks for up to 12 hours, 8 hours for mosquitoes, and up to six hours for gnats, no see-ums, biting midges and sand flies. That’s a whole lot of protection for one towelette!  And for those who love a classic, there are two Bug Guard Classics, Bug Guard Plus with SPF 30 in a pump bottle with a gentle breeze scent and the very water resistant formula with aloe and vitamin E, and one in an Aerosol Spray ($16.00 4 fl. oz.) and one in a pump bottle ($14.00 4 fl. oz.).  These light sprays fight off pesky mosquitoes, and deer ticks for up to 8 hours without making your skin into a sticky, smelly mess. And while they’re protecting you from the sun’s rays, they’re still DEET-free, dermatologist tested, and hypoallergenic.

Alas, no matter what you spray and where, there’s always one little pesky insect friend who will find the one spot you missed, to bite you.  You may not even know it until the next day when suddenly the urge to scratch is just so strong you can’t help yourself.  But scratching bug bites can lead to scarring and worse, series infections.  When I was young, one of my mosquito bites that mom warned me not to scratch became infected and I ended up having minor surgery that left my arm swathed in bandages for weeks, effectively ruining my fun at the pool.  But I just couldn’t help scratching!  This year, there is a brand new addition: Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Anti-Itch Spray ($10.00 2 fl. oz.). With an active ingredient of 0.5% menthol, a few pumps of this liquid itch-killer will at least temporarily make that bite, feel better. This is a must-have in every household even though it’s a bit pricey, because it can do so much to mend skin miseries. Besides softening the blow of bug bites, you can also use it to temporarily quell the pain of sunburn, scrapes and minor burns and irritations.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and I admit that while all the Bug Guard products were highly effective on me, the bugs still bit us, especially my poor husband.  We tried several, and it was clear that bugs didn’t like the products, so we had less activity around our bodies than usual. I didn’t expect that we’d repel every insect, so I wasn’t disappointed.  Besides, since most of these Bug Guard products have SPF which we would apply before going outdoors, anyway, we liked the multi-tasking Bug Guard products a whole lot more.  If the products discourage a few more bugs from biting than usual, that is a huge plus.  Additionally, these Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard products, with user-friendly packaging, pleasant scents, and a comfortable feel on the skin, makes them a great choice for the entire family. If you like the scent and feel of an SPF product (bug guard included) you’re much more likely to use it, and use it properly and regularly.  To me, that makes these a literal “10!”

And there’s something more. Avon has launched a new, fun game, the Bug Guard Bug Bash game,  on the Avon Facebook page. The Advice Sisters tried it at an Avon Bug Guard event. Basically, it’s a digital version of the famous whack-a-mole game, but in this virtual version, you kill bugs and protect a picnicking family!  It was lots of fun!

To protect your real family, visit to buy Bug Guard products,  or contact your favorite Avon representative.


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