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You’ve probably seen software companies that claim their product will help speed up your old jalopy of an overworked, overstuffed computer. But do they really work?

Nothing, short of a genie, can take an old computer with a slow processor and too little memory storage, and turn it into a sleek jaguar that responds in second flat,  but System Mechanic software can speed it up and make it work much better, and do so with very little effort on your part.   System Mechanic 11  (srp. $49.99) and System Mechanic Pro., (Srp. $69.95)  by Iolo Technologies, are the latest and greatest of these software programs.  Introduced in 1998, System Mechanic has been used by nearly 40 million people worldwide to optimize over  75 million computers. In fact, the company says that it is the #1 best-selling PC tune-up software in the US, Canada, UK, France and Benelux countries.

These software programs perform a 219-point diagnostic to see what is keeping your computer slow, and can do a lot to fix errors (over 13,000 of them), duplications, and other types of errors that make your computer hesitate and hang. Once these issues are discovered, they can be fixed, and by doing so, significantly improve your computer’s performance. Even new computers freeze up and crash, due to instabilities and other things.

What I personally liked about System Mechanic is that once it is installed (that took a little while, but wasn’t difficult), you can access it to do things without being a computer genius. Everything is explained, in plain English, so you don’t make a mistake.  The dashboard is not intimidating! This means I felt like I could use it with confidence, and would continue to use it.  It didn’t boost web speed 300% but it did boost my PC’s start time, and operating performance. To use it, you need a PC that uses Windows XP or above, 256 MB of RAM and 30 MB of hard disk space, and an internet connection, that’s about it.

Another feature of System Mechanic is AcceleWrite™This is  real-time, always-on technology that can actually optimize  data storage as it happens. AcceleWrite works with both solid-state drives (SSDs) and traditional hard drives, eliiminating the need for tasks that take seemingly, forever, like disk defragmentation.  The System Mechanic 11 software is fueled by more than 30,000 independently identified solutions to common issues that arise from everyday computer use (delivered from iolo in the form of automatic weekly data updates).

There is malware and virus protection built into the software, although on my version of System Mechanic 11, I couldn’t get it to load.  System Mechanic Pro also has enhanced memory processing, heuristic pattern matching, and reduced resource usage, System Shield ensures maximum protection while staying out of the way.

If you’re getting a new computer with Windows 8, you’ll be happy to know that System Mechanic 11 will run on all Microsoft operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 8. The new version is fully designed to effectively fix, optimize, and maintain issues unique to Windows 8, with added options and underlying research to keep the latest Windows iteration driver.

Another nice thing about System Mechanic is that they are generous with how you can use it. Buy it, and with  iolo’s Whole Home Licensing, non-commercial users can install and use the software on as many of their home computers as they own, without paying additional fees or running out of activations.  Since most families have several devices, this is a big bonus.  Another plus:  if   you already own System Mechanic, an upgrade to System Mechanic 11 is automatically available at no charge to all existing users with an active service plan, which provides all products updates and upgrades, as well as continuous Tune-up Definitions updates. New or existing users without a service plan can purchase System Mechanic 11 directly from www.iolo.com, via all major web e-tailers, or in one of more than 22,000 retail storefronts that carry iolo’s products worldwide, such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Staples.   For more information see www.iolo.com.

My personal experience with my own, overworked, under-powered, over-stuffed computer was positive. Although as I mentioned earlier, I didn’t expect it to transform the performance of my computer, it did speed it up, and it did get rid of a lot of errors that I would never have known about, or have found, or could fix on my own. The end result was positive, well worth the money if you are really having computer performance issues.  \

Although a gift of software that isn’t a video game won’t wow teenagers, but busy adults who don’t have time to waste waiting for their computer to react, will definitely appreciate this as a holiday gift.  You’re not just giving the gift of a computer solution, you’re giving the gift of giving time back!

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