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Who ever said little things don’t count? Of course they do!  When it comes to the holidays, the word “stocking stuffers” means different things to different people. In fact, “stocking stuffer” simply means a neat little gift. You don’t have to “stuff” a stocking, to offer someone a delightful “little something” they’ll love.  So even if you don’t have a lot of money, you don’t have to sheepishly hand over a box of drugstore chocolates or something equally humiliatingly boring just because you can’t seem to get anything better.

Sure you can!  

Here are some affordable, unique, stocking stuffers gifts that are truly fun, and that are guaranteed to bring a smile! 

conair bling brushWho doesn’t love a bit of bling, especially on something that otherwise is pretty boring.  It just makes even the most routine chores and activities a bit more glamorous. that’s why we’re including the Flirty Girl BLING brush by Conair  in our stocking stuffer suggestions for the holidays. The small retailers for under $7.00 for the small, $9.99 for the large, but it is packed with sparkle, and style. It’s not just a pretty face, either, bling brushes have ball-tipped bristles that won’t snag or pull on your hair, and the flexible cushion base makes brushing, easier. If you’re not into bling, there are also paddle brushes with animal prints, or maybe neon is more your style. These have 100% tourmaline crushed gemstones that release natural ions to give hair shine–a blow dryer helps give those ionic bennies even more “oomph!” Get the brushes at drug and mass market retailers and please the girls on your gift list for under $10.00.


twist and pout group twist and pout miss kittytwist and poutTwist and Pout is a unique lip balm in a round compact  — a twist open ball that dispenses a clear, moist, flavored lip balm from some of the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen!  I first met Twist & Pout at the Gift Show a few years ago in NYC and was immediately enchanted. The little balls are decorated with different themes. Some have key chains so you can hook them to your jeans or your tote or handbag, others just have a “can’t lose it at the bottom” ball shape without the keychain.

The shape and the designs are fashion statements and full of fun, but the lip loving balm is full of moisturizers so your lips get the benefits of a good quality balm. For the holidays, Twist & Pout is packaging their balms in little “stockings” and the balls have holiday-centric designs like penguins and Santas. But my favorite are the animal prints like the zebra print “Safari” , the leopard print ‘Miss Kitty” and a girly pink globe with scenes of Paris,  keychain styles, featuring a sugary vanilla-centric clear balm.  At just $12.00 per lip balm, you can afford to gift a lot of girls (and women) but if you buy the in multiples, you save even more.  There are dozens of designs. Check them out at:





burts beesBurt’s Bees has been offering eco-friendly products for decades. These natural products don’t contain any petro chemicals, phthalates, parabens, or sodium lauryl sulfate, and they are also not tested on animals.  When the holidays roll around, Burts Bees offers a wide range of nicely packaged gifts.  For under $10.00, we like this nicely boxed set called The Tint ‘n Shine ($9.99) gift set with coordinating shades of Tinted Lip Balm and the a new Lip Shine.  The Lip Shine comes in a squeeze tube and in a variety of colors, although this boxed set is just in two variations: Pink, with Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus and Lip Shine in Blush and Red, with Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia and Lip Shine in Smooch.  The lip shine provides a glossy, sheer color that nourishes lips with apricot wax, while it softens with sunflower seed oil.  I am already a fan of the lip balm because while it is not a substitute for a lipstick it does add a bit of color intead of just being a boring old waxy stick. The Lip Balm from Burts Bees is already a beloved classic that comes in a swivel up stick containing a hint of a tint, and nourishing shea butter and botanical waxes.  You can get Burts bees in places like mass market and drug stores, and for more information visit :



Phone accessories are all over the place, but when you see the adorable, colorful and practical items from  you’ll realize that some phone accessories really are a lot more fun than others, and definitely make great gifts, especially if you have a fussy young girl or teen, or a woman who marches to the beat of her own drummer.  As you can tell from the photos, Jellyfish is a smartphone accessory brand that appeals to the young and the young at heart. They have a wide range of affordable accessories to customize your Iphone or smart phones, easily and quickly, from chargers, cases, headsets, portable speakers, and a range of other accessories that everyone needs to keep their smart phones working well and looking good.

gogo juice

My favorite Jellyfishbuzz item is to Charge it Up GO GO Juice Universal Charger which is part of the power collection $39.99  available in four colors, hot pink, lime green, bright purple, and turquoise. Anyone would love this!  The  2200 mAh rechargeable unit is not much longer or wider than a lip gloss tube, but when fully charged (via a USB port) it can keep your phone from dying (for up to 8 hours)when you need it most (e.g. when you’re stuck on the road, and you need to call for help, or when you just need to finish that phone call with your BFF). The charger not only is simple to use (one cord works with all smart phones that can charge with a standard USB port) via a 3-foot micro-cable.  Not only that, but if you press twice on the power button, the device becomes a flashlight!  Amazing!  What a great (and yet still girly, gift).

music speaker

Who doesn’t like a bit of bling and something cute and girly, but also practical? That’s why I’m also suggesting Tune it Up, the Compact Speaker from the JellyfishBuzz audio collection. It is just $24.99 (this one is in turquoise, but it’s available in all four colors), It is smaller than most powder compacts, Charge it with the included mini-USB/3,5mm to USB cable, and it will play up to 4 hours. The little speaker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it delivers fairly big (if somewhat tinny) sound. There is even an interior mirror so you can check your lipstick with it!. It’s perfect for travel  –pull it out and you have an instant dance party. Close it up and the top is decorated with twinkling crystals!  There is an on/off switch (no volume control, you do that from your phone).

range of jellyfish products

I use a Samsung Galaxy S4 and tried a few things that work with this particular phone including these two items, but for sheer fun, there are cases “skins”, little baubles that really are just decoration, earphones, little jewels for the top of your phone that really don’t do anything much but decorate the hole where your earphone normally goe (but you can’t believe how many “oh how cute!” comments I’ve gotten on my turquoise heart dangle), and lots of other accessories. I took this photo at a holiday preview, just to show you the range of colors and styles. Just be sure that you pick the case ensembles and accessories that are right for your style and brand of phone, if the item isn’t labeled “universal.”

paul frank luggage tag

No gift guide would be complete without something for boys and men, and we’ve got something from Paul Frank that is one size fits all and for anyone who has a sense of humor. These large, round, luggage tags are officially licensed Paul Frank Pan Am inspired artwork and will add a touch of humor to any bag, be it a backpack, briefcase, suitcase, tote, or something else. At just $11.00 each you might consider getting all three colors, but even one makes a nice stocking stuffer that will make him smile.  And when your favorite road warrior goes to collect his golf clubs or suitcase at baggage claim, he will know instantly which bag is his, because this tags are really BIG.  You can get these in a variety of places, but the best place to shop the entire collection is the online  Pam Am Shop  *Editor’s Note: I used mine on my carry-on this Thanksgiving — the large luggage tag not only turned heads in the terminal,  it made the stewardess smile as I walked to my seat.   Now that is a true test of a great luggage tag!

travel mist $12.50beauty so clean mist

Every makeup lover knows that all sorts of bacteria and germs lurk on brushes, and cosmetics.  I’d be the first to admit that I don’t clean my brushes or products as often or as well as I should,  But there is an easy way to sanitize the “yukky stuff” away from the products you use every day, including your makeup tools, and powder-based products: eyeshadows, blushers, pressed powder, bronzers, cream-based products: compact foundation, concealers, cream blush/eyeshadows  and more, and it’s just $12.50. Makeup So Clean is a nifty product I saw at the ELEMENTS show in NYC a few months ago.   There, I met Nancy Crossley, creator of Beauty So Clean,products that sanitize cosmetics much like you might use a hand sanitizer. You can spray these on your makeup tools and products to quickly and easily sanitize then every day.  They not only removes bacteria, they won’t dry out the makeup or alter the color. It is dermatology tested,  non-irritating,  Petrochemical free,  formulated with natural ingredients and fast drying.  It also comes in different scents (we tried gingerbread and cake pops==yummm!).  The  mists and little spray bottles are around $5.00 t6o +$12.00 each, and there is a travel set for $40.00 with a bunch of different types of product, and in wipes or a misting bottle. It works in  1o seconds!    Editor’s Tip:  You really shouldn’t share makeup, but if you do, this product is a must, especially during cold and flu season. This is a nifty gift for a beau-tista!


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