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Not long ago there was a popular reality television show called “10 Years Younger.”  A woman would stand in a clear glass box and strangers would guess her age. Invariably, the viewers would think the woman was much older than she really was.  Then, stylists, trainers and some treatments would help the woman turn back the hands of time so the next time she stood in the box, people would peg her age at  10 years younger than she really was.

That sounds fanciful, but can you really look years younger without resorting to lots of invasive surgery or fancy treatment? Yes, say the Editors of Good Housekeeping magazine.  The magazine has been a trusted source  for home, health, family and beauty for decades. A new book called: 7 YEARS YOUNGER: The Revolutionary 7-Week Anti-Aging Plan (7YY/Hearst Magazines, January 2, 2012) has just launched, created by the Good Housekeeping editors and scientists including Editor-in-Chief Rosemary Ellis, Jennifer Cook, Senior Executive Editor, and a team of Good Housekeeping health, beauty, nutrition, food and science experts, using their state-of-the-art testing facilities.  Within the pages are easy to follow strategies that can help any woman look and feel better (up to 7 years younger).

The plan was based on extensive product research conducted by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute on hundreds of volunteers.  These volunteers received the expertise of 100+  dermatologists, brain scientists, stress reduction researchers, exercise experts, makeup artists, hairstylists, nutritionists, life coaches, and psychologists. The result of the interviews, testing and research is a book for home use with an easy anti-aging plan that anyone can follow.

According to the press literature and claims at the back of the book,  the results from the real women who tried the 7 Years Younger Plan for 7 weeks were pretty amazing. One lost 12 pounds. Another lost 10 inches from her waist. A third improved her skin not just visibly, but corroborated by facial scan. Yet another ended up looking better than she did before the kids, arrived.

Will this work for you? The obvious answer is that it depends upon genetics. It also depends upon how well maintained you are on your particular day of assessment. There is no actual fountain of youth, but there are plenty of things you can do that can help improve your health, appearance and outlook.  You don’t need a lot of money, or even time, to make some small but significant changes or additions to your routine. If you do so, you will see viable, visible results in a reasonably short period of time, maybe in just seven weeks.

Editor-in-Chief Rosemary Ellis welcoming editors

I was invited to visit the Good Housekeeping offices  to celebrate the launch of the book. After Editor-in-Chief Rosemary Ellis welcomed us, editors had a chance to visit the inner sanctum of Good Housekeeping (including their famed labs), and get some tips from the book courtesy of  Miriam Arond, Director, GHRI; Nina Judar, Beauty Director and Samantha Cassetty, Nutrition Director, GHRI. Editors also got the change to meet one of the actual women over age 34 who was selected to follow the plan and successfully turn back the hands of time.  She spoke enthusiastically of the plan and announced that she was determined to continue with some of the changes she had made.  This woman didn’t look like Heidi Klum, but she looked attractive, and I’m guessing, better than before.

The book and the plan is organized into 11 chapters that offer tips on beauty, stress reduction, diet and exercise, beauty, brain teasers, nutrition, and more. A lot of this book is common sense, but how many of us really use that when reaching for a pastry, or letting our style just “go” because it’s comfortable?  One of my favorite chapters is #10, with recipes and eating strategies that anyone can easily implement. For example, a page of snack suggestions offer more interest than the typical carrot sticks or granola bar, and there are also easy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that everyone in the family can enjoy. How hard would it be to take a  few minutes each day to mentally savor the things you’re thankful for (you’ll sleep better and longer each night – pg. 240). Change your view of dull chores like housecleaning  (30 minutes of active sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming burns 99 calories). Another one of my favorite chapters features the before and after photos and stories of the women who tried the plan.  You can easily see that these women didn’t do anything drastic to look younger, but they look better. To be sure, there is information about fillers and laser treatments and other more invasive and pricey procedures, but most of the plan is simply about re-learning to be mindful of your body, mind and spirit

That being said, a book is just a dust-catcher on a shelf, unless you actually read it and use the tips and suggestions within.  A lot of what’s in 7 Years Younger is not revolutionary, but if you are inspired to make even some little cosmetics changes, such as a new haircut, fresh hair color, and good makeup colors artfully applied, you can make an immediate difference.  As fans of another television show called: What Not To Wear, already know, many people just get “stuck” in a rut, and let themselves go, or stick with a style or routine that no longer works. What makes this book so lovely to read, is the accessibility of most of the age-busting suggestions.  Read it carefully from beginning to end to find the little gems of inspiration that might have you making some easy changes.

If I have any issues with this book, it’s not because it isn’t inspirational, but for most people it’s still going to be aspirational. They’ll buy the book, look it over, get excited, and then put it on the bedside table and forget it’s there.  That’s not the fault of the book. However, even 7 weeks is a long time to commit to every day.  A  7 week plan that requires an overhaul in thinking and action, is something a lot of people will not be able to follow religiously. You may not get the same staggeringly good results as the women featured in the book, but they had the fact that they were being monitored by Good Housekeeping motivating them. On the other hand, if all you do is pick up a few tips from the various sections to make some quick fixes, you’ll find it well worth the money.

You can get your copy of this great book on Amazon.com or check out two free reports right now by clicking the book icons for beauty and for nutrition 

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