Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Texas Irons for Boys & “Grills” @TexasIrons

To show her love, edgy model Amber Rose got her  boyfriend Wiz Khalifa’s name tattooed on her finger in 2011. Branding your body isn’t for everyone.  Branding other things (like a good steak),  might be less permanent, but it is still romantic.  What  I’m getting to, is a romantic gift suggestion that is personal, but less invasive and painful than a tattoo.  Texas Irons, for example, will let your loved one brand anything s/he’s grilling and it’s a gift that still shows how much you care!

I don’t know what it is about men, and meat, but guys are the Kings of the grill. Give a steak to a man who most often just logs just minutes in the kitchen, and he’ll fawn over the grilling of that steak like a mother hen.  Add a branding iron from Texas Irons with his name or initials, and you’ve got the makings of a special meal.  Add another branding iron with your initials as well, and you’ve literally made  meat, romantic!

Bring out his “inner cowboy” with this Texas Irons Classic Steak Branding Iron with Cedar Gift Box that can be ordered with just one set of initials, or even better, ion this Couple’s Set featuring his, and yours (or the initials of your favorite couple).  For just $79.95 this would make a  unique gift for a wedding, or even for mother’s or father’s day. set of two of our best-selling personalized Classic branding iron complete with custom branded cedar gift box. Made of durable stainless steel to withstand even the most intense grilling heat, each of our BBQ brands can be ordered with 2-3 letters of your choice (one for his initials, one for hers).

Presentation is a big part of giving a gift, and these irons are beautifully boxed in a large cedar wood gift box branded with each set of initials. The top has a rope carry handle. Slide the to ope to discover that the branding irons are wrapped in a colorful, classic bandanna of your choice (usa, holiday, or classic red).  The shaft and letters of the branding irons are made of durable stainless steel, and the easy to hold, man-sized wood handles have leather hanging straps.  These are good quality irons and they’re not teeny tiny, either! The Branding Irons are 14″ Long (each). The letters measure ~7/8″x7/8″x1/8″.  Fire up the grill, heat up the irons, and “name” anything solid and flat enough to brand. Those who don’t eat meat can still brand flat slabs of vegetables and  “Texas Toast” with reasonable results.

Here is a photo of the actual couples set of irons I ordered with my husband’s initials, and mine!  How cute is this?!!!!!

Another cute idea that can be used for the grill-master or as a workman’s apron, is the rugged, leather,  Texas Irons Barbecue Grill Apron. This is not a “femmy”  apron! These full coverage aprons with adjustable, toggle-rings at neck and waist, range in price from #59.99 for heavy, suede finished leather aprons with personalized patches,  to $139.99 for a branded leather apron.   A rustic burlap gift bag is $4.95 additional.

I remember Jerry, my favorite uncle, coming over to carve the Thanksgiving Turkey (he wouldn’t let anyone else do it, and he always brought his own knives, newly sharpened, wrapped in butcher’s paper). But to keep his clothes clean, he’d put on one of my grandmother’s handy aprons and believe me, he looked totally silly!  But the Texas Iron’s aprons are man sized and man styled.  You can even wash them (hand wash only).

The one I ordered for my husband, John, is the heavy-duty leather apron with suede finish on the front, lined in rugged black cotton fabric, for just $59.99).  Two big pockets in the front have plenty of room for cell phone, or other items you might want to take along.  Black cotton straps with bold white stitching go through the toggle rings to provide a perfect fit on any body. adjustable straps provide a super comfortable fit. Personalize the leather patch with a name and an “established” date. You can add add significant date you wish!  There are also eight different “grill” patches  (e.g. “Steakhouse & Barbecue;” or “Vineyard”) plus a “Branded Initials” version, so you can pick the one most relevant to your lucky recipient,  Whether he’s cooking, or carving, or just doing “messy” household chores, your special guy will look great, and stay clean wearing this apron. He’ll look “cool” and not like he belongs in a kitschy English comedy show!

These are just two examples of personalized gifts you can get from the Texas Irons Web site. Even if you don’t have a grill or don’t eat meat, you will like the personalized glass wear, cutting boards and plates,  ice buckets, aprons, and gloves.  The personalized, clear, glass ice buckets, for example, are just $24.95. These would make an amazing host/hostess gift!   I am really in love with Texas Irons.

If you want any of these items, or anything else that is personalized from the Texas Irons web site, no worries! The items ship blazingly fast, in just 1-2 business days.  And shipping, is free!!!  Visit:

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