What They Really Want For the Holidays Hint: It Isn’t a Christmas Sweater

It’s nearing the holidays again and perhaps you’re wondering what you’re really like for the holidays and what the very special people in your life might really want. As “Bridget Jones” could tell you, no one really wants another holiday-centric sweater! But if Bridget tells the truth, what she wants is something more “relaxing” and “personal.” Call it what you will, but the gift plenty of people would love to have, is a personal relaxation device (call it a vibrator, if you must).

Over the past few years, The Advice Sisters have (delicately) reviewed unique and beautiful (yes, beautiful) vibrators  because this is a modern age, and it’s ok to be open about pleasure (if you doubt it, check out the popularity of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy). Whether you’re into vibes that won’t raise eyebrows when you travel, to vibes that look literally like works of art, to vibes that do specific things, there isn’t just one thing, there are lots of things, for everyone. The Jopen web site touts the products as “the elegance of passion.”

For example, one company that makes all sorts of ergonomic and interesting vibrators, is JOPEN. Their Intensity helps women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles as would “kegels,”  for specific physical benefits; their Vanity line features intimate massagers in more than 17 distinct shapes and sizes, ergonomically designed to fit the contours of a woman, and a new line (in blue) called “Ego” features vibrating “couples”  rings of various types.  The wide variety of gift-ables are mostly in the Vanity line. These  range from slim and sleek, to designs with protruding pieces. Vanity™ is made with premium silicone with a luxurious satin finish that is soft to the touch, retains body heat (who wants something cold next to your skin?) and it’s hypoallergenic. They are also 100% waterproof, hypoallergenic, unscented, and non porous. These are not ordinary toys you find in a local junk shop by any means. At the time I started writing this review, Jopen was nominated for four open has received four nominations for the prestigious “O” Awards (the equivalent of an Oscar in the pleasure products industry). The revolutionary Intensity is nominated for Outstanding Debut Product and Outstanding Innovation. Vr6.5 is nominated for Outstanding Powered Product, and Vr10.5 is up for Outstanding Luxury Product.prestigious “O” Awards. The revolutionary Intensity is nominated for Outstanding Debut Product and Outstanding Innovation. Vr6.5 is nominated for Outstanding Powered Product, and Vr10.5 is up for Outstanding Luxury Product.

Another thing to note about Jopen Vanity vibrators is that they feature “independent dual motors or synchronous dual vibrating motors” which means two different parts of the vibrator move independently of one another (and you can turn one off if you wish). While they have different modes, the controls are easy, soft push and on the base, so you don’t need to have the lights on or even see them (but the controls light up so you can see them even in the dark), to get whatever result it is that you are seeking. The hot purple silicone is soothing, like the color of a mood light. Plus in the power adaptor, and the premium 110/240-volt Lithium Ion battery lights up to show you when you’re running low and when charging is completed. I recently read a (fiction) novel “I Heart Paris” in which the main character brings her vibrator to Europe in a suitcase filled with borrowed, high end, designer clothes. But when she goes to collect her bag, security tells her it was blown up because something was moving (vibrating) in it. Maybe that wouldn’t really happen, but you never know. One way to be sure you’re safe, is that these Jopen vibes can be locked for travel. It is 9.5”x 1.75”/ 24 cm x 4 cm (overall). While most of these products are full sized for home use, there’s also a storage bag included so you can take your Vanity with you.

Jopen’s Vanity vibrators range from around $150 to $250+ depending upon where you buy it. To Find your perfect match, visit the JOPEN website: http://www.jopen.com/ to see all the styles, and learn more

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