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The swimmer, Michael Phelps II is the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 22 medals. But he’s also the inspiration for these all-American red, white and blue head phones from Sol Republic, called the  Tracks HD V10 Anthem Edition USA headphones. All SOL REPUBLIC Tracks and Tracks HD headphones feature interchangeable pieces that work with the entire Tracks Remix system, nearly indestructible FlexTech Sound Track headbands, plus a remote and microphone.

Everyone these days wears something on, in or over their ears, but when you’re wearing on-ear headphones, they have to fit.  The SOL Republic headphones have a rigid band, generously padded at the top for comfort, but another thing I really like about these from SOL republic, is that you can completely customize the fit of the ear cups on the band, simply by sliding them up or down for a perfect fit just to your head.

But of course, it is the sound that is the reason you’d purchase headphones. These deliver reasonably deep bass and vocals that sound clear as a bell. The cord has a pause and up and down volume control buttons neatly served up on a silver sliver on the cord. As I already mentioned, each piece is completely interchangeable so you can purchase the headband, cable and sound engines separately and build headphones that reflect you, alone.  Colorful cables are just $19.99 each, headphone bands in $29.99 and $34.99 depending upon styles.  The sound engine speakers (earpads) are available in chrome for $89.99 and black for $69.99.  Change them up to work with what you’re wearing and your headphones will be as fashionable as you are! Sol Republic’s on-ear Tracks start at $99.00 and in-ear Amps start at $59.00 .  The price for high quality headphones like these can and often is, way higher. These headphones offer good sound and a great value.  I love the look, the fit, and the sound. I think you will, too!


But the special edition Michael Phelps version has another benefit.  First off, they’re a complete set, with a red, white and blue theme, for $149.99.  Michael wore SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD Anthem headphones throughout the Olympic games and is a huge fan.  This was critical for his training routine and during his warm-ups and throughout the games. You might not win a gold medal wearing these headphones, but your workouts will be mroe fun, and when you around town, you’ll feel like a winner!  Even better,  Proceeds benefit the Michael Phelps Foundation. This worthy non-profit focuses on growing the sport of swimming and promoting healthy and active lives, especially for children.  If you give these as a holiday gift, you’re helping kids, too (and how great is that?)!!!

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