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I am not really a cartoon, I am a real person!

Alison Blackman is a real person, not a cartoon image!  After several decades online, I have to to realize that my name and what I do are not always connected. So let me explain:

I’m best known as co-creator of The Advice Sisters,  not to be confused with the advice ladies, two women whose sat on a street offering advice, and they weren’t even sisters!  My twin sister Jessica and I are the real deal, and a  United States registered trademark. The Advice Sisters are known a signature “Double- Take” advice format, featuring two views for every reader question.

When Jessica  passed away, I stopped doing our Double-Take Q&A advice columns. But recently, I teamed up with a new partner, Tony Sabatini,  to re-introduce the Double-take, this time offering  my woman’s perspective to his  man’s perspective. We created two very different relationship advice web sites. . is a general advice site appropriate for all ages. covers topics of relationships focusing more on sex and intimacy, and it’s for more mature adults. I

Tony and I have very different ideas,  and that’s precisely why you’ll get more out of reading our advice — because men and women really do look at issues differently. I am “Lace.” Tony is “Leather.”  Our websites are also United States registered trademarked and inspired by a line in the Stevie Nicks song Leather & Lace: “Give to me your leather, take from me, my lace.”  to reflect the fact that men and women have different ways of solving problems and viewing issues. Together, they give a more complete picture of how one might handle a problem or situation.

So I wear different hats online, but behind The Advice Sisters and Leather and Lace there is a real woman: Alison Blackman.  I hope that ends the confusion if you are searching for me, online. If  you like my writing, if you like the content on these web sites, it would be nice to hear from you. There are icons on the top of the pages of all three sites linking to social media and allowing you to share the content. There is also a comments/speak your mind section at the bottom of every post.You can also  contact us and ask us a question. While the core of the issue is always real in our Q&A, the details are always significantly changed to protect the privacy of those involved. Read the Advice/Spice Privacy Policy.

Here is what we are featuring this week on Leather and Lace Advice, Leather and Lace Spice, and the Advice Sisters Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle Website:

sad coupleSome people are just afraid of making a mistake so they’re cautious, but others are true commitment-phoebes.  In the Leather and Lace reader question this week we are asked:   I know some men are afraid to make a commitment,  but my biological clock is ticking and I have already given my boyfriend more than a year of my life to make up his mind about moving forward. By now, he either wants me or he doesn’t.  I’m afraid to push him but I’m tired of waiting. So how do I handle a commitment-phoebe like David?  If you or someone you know is in this situation, or you’re just wondering how you might handle a situation like this, read our Double-Take (two views, his & hers) in our feature: I’m tired of waiting. How do I handle a commitment-phoebe?



An Intimate Discussion With Dominatrix & Erotica Domme, Mistress C. @MistressCnLaBefore I had a change to meet Mistress C., a real Dominatrix and Erotica Domme ,  I was not only confused about the difference, I had a caricature view without any understanding of what was behind the latex, leather, paddles and “pain.”  Behind all that, there is a real woman, and that real woman is not at all who or what you might think!  I hope our intimate discussion with Mistress C. will change some of your assumptions and give you a more enlightened view.  Read this fascinating Leather and Lace exclusive interview: An Intimate Discussion With Dominatrix & Erotica Domme, Mistress C. 

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