Beauty blog roundup – was that a wild turkey I just saw?

Spring is busting out all over. A wild turkey slowly makes it’s way across the lawn, stopping occasionally to pull something out of the grass, which is finally getting tall. The trees have leaves although they’re still small, All the rain we’ve had makes everything seem green and full of the promise of life.  There are tiny little blue wildflowers growing everywhere. I wore sandals, no socks…and it felt liberating!  So it’s time to start really thinking about Spring colors, clothing, and the excitement of new things.  To celebrate that, here are some beauty posts from the Beauty Blog Coalition, including one from The Advice Sisters that we posted this week (in case you missed it) . I hope you enjoy these!



the-other-woman1-448x250 NEW THIS WEEK ON LEATHER AND LACE ADVICE:   I’m the Other Woman! Our reader question of the week on Leather and Lace Advice this week is from a woman who has been patiently waiting as the other woman, for her married lover to leave his wife as he promised, when the last child is off to college. Will he really do it?  Would you wait for a man like that? Alison and Tony give our reader some sound advice in  I’m a lover not a mother. Will he ever leave his wife to be with me?

mad-men-drinks-615x250NEW THIS WEEK ON LEATHER AND LACE SPICE:   I got tipsy and slept with the boss! Our reader question of the week on Leather and Lace SPICE this week is from a woman who drank too much and ended up between the sheets with none other than her boss. Bad judgement? We’d say so! Sorry is the hardest word, but Alison & Tony have some good “Double Take” advice for her. Read: I slept with my boss and now I’m sorry, can I fix this?

listen inIF YOU MISSED IT: I have also added a new radio segment to the Leather and Lace Advice & Spice press page.   If you have a podcast, radio show, or video segment and you want a fun guest, I’d love to hear from you.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week. And support my work please by following me on twitter, facebook, and subscribing to our feeds on, and many thanks.


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