Beauty Blog Roundup (and some relationship advice) Mother’s Day Edition

It is Mother’s Day.  My mom died almost two decades ago, so mother’s day hasn’t always been a day of celebration for me, but it’s a day that I do remember the woman who gave birth to me and my twin sister.  Your mother is, and always will be, your mother.  That’s why when a dear friend of mine whose mother recently passed away told me sadly that she no longer had a mother, I disagreed.  Your mother is always part of you, no matter where you are and even if she is only with you in mind and spirit.

So Happy Mother’s day to every woman who is a mother, and every woman who has a mother…and that would be all of us!

And while we’re thinking of all those special women today, here are some beauty posts from the Beauty Blog Coalition, including one from The Advice Sisters that we posted this week that’s not a beauty post, but a video recap of the glamorous Met Gala.  We weren’t there, but this one shows some of the excitement. I hope you enjoy it!  




 This week on Leather and Lace Advice:  anna nicole  Our reader question of the week on leather and Lace Advice this week is a going to touch a nerve with anyone over “a certain age” who wonders (as does our reader) why men bypass women who are 40+ and fabulous, to date girls closer to their daughter’s age?  And for those women who think it would be so much fun to pull an “Anna Nicole” you might think twice.  Alison and Tony give our reader some sound advice in why do older men want to date younger women? #Dating &Love

listen inI have also added a new radio segment to the Leather and Lace Advice & Spice press page.  On What’s Good Wit Willy Alison Blackman aka. “Lace” talks all about horrifyingly bad dates, online dating, sexy search terms and what’s on the top of our seach term list (it might surprise you)

 Listen In #Radio #RealTalk #ThirstyThurdays


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