Beauty Roundup – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Edition



I just returned from Kentucky where I got the unique opportunity to see Cindy Lauper open for Cher, two women who are literally, ageless. These women can still rock a full arena, and they are clearly not going to stop doing what they are good at, and love, any time soon.  From my second row, center, seat, Cindy showed me that girls still just wanna have fun, and Cher literally, “turned back time.”


And now, here are some of this week’s favorite posts from some of the Beauty Bloggers of the Beauty Blog Coalition!


always on my mind 

NEW THIS WEEK ON LEATHER AND LACE ADVICE:   I can’t get her out of my mind!  Trouble ahead if you are dating one of the “walking wounded.”  In this week’s reader question, a man writes to us because he is “stuck” on someone who doesn’t want him, and he can’t move forward because every woman he meets isn’t her.  While it’s unfair to judge the entire female population of the world based on one girl, our reader can’t find another love until he stops feeling sorry for himself because he was rejected.  Have you ever met someone like this?  Have you been this person?  Read our advice on Leather and Lace Advice!

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IF YOU MISSED IT: I have also added a new feature to the Leather and Lace Advice & Spice press page.   It’s my television segment where I dish dating, sex and love on the Dr. Joy Show. If you have a podcast, radio show, or video segment and you want a fun guest, I’d love to hear from you.  

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