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Last week I had the unique honor of being the officiant at the wedding of two exceptional friends, at the Horned Dorset Primavera resort in Rincon, Puerto Rico. But when I had to shop for a dress, I was stumped. I was not just the officiant, I was a guest. It really got me thinking about what’s appropriate for weddings not just at destinations, but for this season’s upcoming special events. So this weekend, I am working on get the look fashion features for those of you who might also be wondering what to wear for those upcoming wedding and graduations. Lands Ends has graciously sent me a head to toe look that works for women of just about any body type or age, depending upon how you style it.

While I’m working on this feature, here are some beauty posts from the Beauty Blog Coalition, including one from The Advice Sisters that we did this week on TRESemmé’s latest pro-style products that are for beer and peanuts budgets. I hope you enjoy them.


..and while I have your attention, our reader question of the week on leather and Lace Advice is from a woman whose boyfriend is habitually late (who says it is women who always keep men waiting)? When you are going to a wedding, graduation or other special event, you cannot ever be late!!  If you have a friend/colleague/family member/spouse/etc. who doesn’t seem to keep track of time, you will want to check out Tony and my advice on our feature: How Can I Deal With Someone Who is Always Late?




Anastasia shares her top picks for every budget!

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