Dry, Lackluster Skin? Votre Vu Deals With it 2 ways! @VotreVu #skincare

I have a friend and colleague who says she doesn’t like Lip Gloss, but for me, a glossy lip is the best! If you add skin-nurturing ingredients, even better.  Votre Vu Fench Accents has recently introduced a new Lip Gloss that not only looks good, it does good things for your skin.  The Lip Lustre Vitamin E Lip Gloss by Votre Vu comes in two shades, and clear. The wanded tube looks like any other, but “under the hood” the glamorous, silky gloss has Vitamin E  to give you great color and conditioning benefits.  It also has antioxidant green tea extract.  If your lips are less than perfect, and especially if you’re outdoors a lot, your need to give this precious skin plenty of  TLC. At $22.00 one or more of these are going to be a constant companion as you transition from Spring to Summer.

Tempting indeed is “Tempting,” a  glossy pinky-rose that has just enough color to perk up pale or lackluster lips tinted, without the aid of an additional lipstic,but not so much that it looks harsh or overdone. Less than lovely lips will look instantly refreshed by this gloss. It’s in my purse, right now. Equally charming is “Charming,” a creamy, glossy, medium pink that seemed to make my dry lips literally, bloom.  “Demure” is a simply clear gloss, that makes lips look pouty and shiny, and can be used as-is or of course, over something else to make it something even better.


To combat the skin issues that arrive with the change of the seasons, or for any time of the year, for that matter, Votre Vu has created re.Find  1.35 fl. oz. ℮ 40ml $28.00  , a French organic complexion polish simply billed on the box as an “apricot seed scrub.” Before I continue to my review, I have to disclose that when I get a facial exfoliator my first reaction is to sign, deeply. I have very sensitive skin, and most exfoliators seems to grab hold like a pit bull, and tear my skin to shreds.  I know that exfoliation is important, essential perhaps, but finding a scrub that doesn’t scrape and irritate is rare.  Luckily, re.Find really is gentle and good for all skin types.

By way of experimenting, I tried in on my hand, first. You are supposed to gently massage it around for two minutes. Now, to me, that seems like a long period of time to rub a scrub around, but since I tried this first on my hand, I was game. At the end of two minutes my hand looked brighter and felt softer, and was obviously none the worse for wear.  So I did the same treatment on my face, which is what re:Find is for.  I could see the tiny bits of apricot seeds, but they are tumbled into smooth, round, spheres. The scrub has a 92% French Organic mix of micro-polishing granules, hydrating shea butter and stabilizing kaolin clay paired with soothing alpha bisabolol and protein-rich algae extracts.  The end result was that my face felt softer, looked fresher and the moisturizing and nurturing ingredients ensured that it wasn’t dry, tight, or, or torn up.  It was a revelation not just of my better looking face, but of my attitude towards scrubs.  Thanks to Votre Vu, I am no longer a complete scrub-phobic!

Get your Votre Vu goodies at:    http://www.votrevu.com

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