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A few years ago the Advice Sisters started “Gilty Pleasures,” a popular weekly round-up of quality beauty writer’s posts.  Alas, the group finally broke up.  However, I’ve just become part of another weekly round-up of online beauty writers (bloggers, if you want to call them that).  The Beauty Blog Coalition writer’s want to enhance their own reader’s experience by offering them weekly articles and posts from other quality writer. This is the first time I’ve posted suggested links from this group, but providing you, my readers,  with new ideas, and new information about things that help make life easier, more successful, and more fun, is what The Advice Sisters web site is all about. As you will see, a link to one of my favorite weekly articles is also included in this list (just in case you missed it).  My link will also appear on all the other web sites and blogs, below. The links are posted first come, first served, and not in any particular order.    Please support the writers by checking out their links, each week, and feel free to come back here and post comments about my post, about theirs, and let me know if you like this idea.

I wish you a wonderful week full of love, success & happiness, Alison Blackman Dunham aka. “Advice Sister Alison”



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