BeautyPress Spotlight Day Sheds a Light on Nifty Beauty Products @beautypress #SpotlightDay

dossage fragrance

Preview events might be called an editor's best friend. That's because preview events allow busy … [Read more...]

You’re Gonna Dry, Dry Dry, Dry!

babor anti aging cream

Winter weather can really mess up otherwise normal skin, making it dry, tight, itchy and worse, … [Read more...]

Goodies For Guys

fifty cent power gift set boxed

Men (and boys) love gifts, but they get tired of the same old books, ties and socks, so shake things … [Read more...]

Plum’s the Word: BABOR Spectacular Me (Give Thanks)!

babor age conceal group

  Whenever I see news about Babor cosmetics, I am excited, because  I love this brand! … [Read more...]