Spring Tip” It’s Time for Something Eucalyptus! @Thymes #eucalyptus

thymes eucapyls

    Been workin' in the big smoke, singin' at the pub I talk to people everywhere - … [Read more...]

Laura Mercier’s Pretty Lovely Holiday Things! @LauraMercier #LauraMercier #Holiday

laura mercier Baked Eye Colour Emerald Palette

Colorful pretty things in pretty packaging will always win a girl's heart. Laura Mercier knows this, … [Read more...]

It’s Smaller Than Most Smart Phones But It Packs a Big Beauty Punch! @LauraMercier #Holiday

laura mercier color to go smoky violette

It is smaller than most smart phones. It fits in the palm of your hand.  The shiny, brown cast could … [Read more...]

Savor the Scent of Sexy Nuts This Summer! @thebodyshopusa #Brazil

body shop brazil nut group

Brazil nuts are delicious, and they are a staple in high end mixed nut assortments.  They're quite … [Read more...]

There’s Something About Laura (Mercier) New Ambre Vanille Bath & Body @lauramercier

laura mercier ambre vanille2

There’s just something about Laura. Laura Mercier, that is.  Her makeup collections are always full … [Read more...]