Woman to Woman: You just Don’t Get it, Do You?

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This is an edited version of a blog post I wrote in 2005 about a self-centered woman who thought it … [Read more...]

Beauty Features for Your Weekend Pleasure @advicesisters.com, #beauty, #bbCoalition

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Beauty Features for Your Weekend Pleasure The leaves are really changing, in fact, almost gone in … [Read more...]

Fashion Week is Beauty Week: Beauty Blog Roundup

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Fashion Week is NYC is over and it's time for London, Paris and Milan.  You don't have to be near … [Read more...]

Stories from beauty blogs you might not have read yet & what’s hot on advicesisters.com this week

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Read stories from members of the Beauty Blog Coalition and check out The Advice Sisters posts- For … [Read more...]

Beauty Blogs: Favorite Posts from the Beauty Blog Coalition July 12, 2015

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So much beauty blogging!  It's been a while since I've posted a Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly … [Read more...]

Round em up! The Best Beauty Blogger’s Post of the Week

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Round em up!  Beauty Blogger's fabulous posts, that is!  Here are some of this weeks' best from the … [Read more...]

Where are my Shoes?

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  I am having my apartment and office renovated. I haven't done much to this place for more … [Read more...]

If a Baby Can do it, So Can I!

Alison Blackman Dunham aka. "Advice Sister Alison"

    Do you remember Multimate? It was a word processing program for computers … [Read more...]

TotalBeauty.com Blog Community Summit


This weekend I flew to Los Angeles to attend the first TotalBeauty.com's Blog Community Summit. … [Read more...]

trying one more time!

After a few days of burning the proverbial midnight oil, trying to figure out what I did wrong when … [Read more...]