Booze-y Blog Post! Sampling Unique Wine, Spirits, Beer & Books @TheUsquaebach, @papaspilar, @Angels_Envy

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  Booze-y Blog Post! Sampling Unique Wine, Spirits, Beer and Books Booze-y beverages are … [Read more...]

8 new books you’ll really want to get your hands on! #bookReviews, #book, #reading, #authors

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books I overlooked, but shouldn’t have (+ some new ones)

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I apologize, Mea Culpa, I'm sorry, lo siento mucho.  It's been months since I've posted a book … [Read more...]

Looking for an unusual gift? This guide has them –delight those on your gift list

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AdviceSisters Reviews: 7 Books for July 4th Weekend and Beyond #BookReviews, #Books, #reading


  July 4th weekend is coming. A great book and a cold drink are true delights!  Here are 7 books … [Read more...]

8 new books 2 Crave for Kindle (or print) #BookReviews #Kindle #EReader

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8 new books 2 Crave for Kindle (or print)  Reading is one of life's joys, but these days I have … [Read more...]

five books I should have read in 2013, and one from 2104 #bookreviews #books

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I stopped buying paperbacks to take on trips years ago because I am a fast reader. That means I read … [Read more...]

9 Spicy Books To Read Now-Carry a FAN! #books, #reading

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If you follow me on Twitter @advicesisters and Facebook you … [Read more...]

Some of My Favorite Things – Book Reviews: Chocolate, Shoe Lovers, French Cooking & Romance, Cocktails, and Marilyn Monroe! #books, #holidayGifts

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September Book Round-Up featuring Fashion, Fantasy, Fiction, Roll & Roll, Personal Growth, and Cooking

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I like quirky books by enterprising authors, so I enjoyed reading Myra Skoller's story about her … [Read more...]